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Felix Gryffeth

On TV and the Lecture Circuit, Bill Nye Aims to Change the World - - 2 views

Felix Gryffeth

Is Intelligent Design Viable? Craig-Ayala Debate | Reasonable Faith - 5 views

    "Francisco Ayala"
Martin Burrett

OneZoom - Tree of Life Explorer - 11 views

    This is beautiful site showing a zooming tree of life with links to more information for thousands of species.
Michael Walker

Now Playing - Night of the Living Tech - - 3 views

  • “Change has changed qualitatively,” says Janet Sternberg, an assistant professor at Fordham University and president of the Media Ecology Association, a research organization.
  • Adaptive innovation and experimentation, experts say, is the rule in a period of rapid change that can be seen as the digital-age equivalent of the ferment after the introduction of the printing press. “We’re experiencing the biggest media petri dish in four centuries,” observes Paul Saffo, a visiting scholar at Stanford University who specializes in technology’s effect on society.
  • Technology is by no means the only agent of change. Cultural tastes have a big influence, sometimes bringing quirky turns in the evolutionary dance.
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  • Turntables have made a niche revival, and vinyl record sales have increased 62 percent over the last decade to 2.4 million last year, reports Nielsen, a market research firm.
  • Yet evolution — not extinction — has always been the primary rule of media ecology. New media predators rise up, but other media species typically adapt rather than perish.
Ted Sakshaug

Darwin: Who Wants to Live a Million Years?: Science Channel - 6 views

    Darwin's natural selection game
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