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Michael Walker

Developing Hybrid Learning Environments - Synthesizing Education - 13 views

  • There are two keys to building the kind of trust required to make the new system successful. The first is to train teachers to effectively facilitate student learning without being the center of attention on a daily basis. This means teachers must develop a new skill set that hybridizes their content knowledge as well as their ability to transfer that knowledge to other fields. The number one trait that districts will be using to judge new teachers in the years to come: flexibility.
  • The second emphasis should be on generating this type of hybrid learning on a district level before extending beyond the walls of local control.
  • districts should begin working with isolated courses and training their staff gradually to facilitate these types of learning environments.
    Ideas on PD for Hybrid instruction
Michael Walker

Three Ways to Increase the Quality of Students' Discussion Board Comments - 15 views

  • Generation of class norms by the students:
  • Having ownership of the norms that govern the course discussions will certainly affect the climate of collaborative learning in an online class by providing an impetus for students to post more constructive and meaningful messages
  • The employment of Grice‚Äôs maxims for self-evaluation:
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Quantity: make your contribution as informative as is required, but not more, or less, than is required. Quality: do not say that which you believe to be false or for which you lack evidence. Relation: be relevant. Manner: avoid ambiguity and obscurity; be clear, brief, and orderly.
  • Retrospective analysis of posted responses:
  • self-critique and reflect on their performance and comment on their perceptions concerning the quality of their responses may make them revisit their learning and, more important, initiate them into rethinking about their postings to improve their talk quality.
    Study shares good, basic ideas for comments to discussion boards and blogs.
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