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Martin Burrett

Three Ring - 6 views

    Use your smart phone to digitise your student's work and make an online assessment record. Use images, files or Videos from YouTube. Add comments and much more. You can also upload images of work through the website. Why not get your class to upload their own? Really excited about this!
Martin Burrett

Pomodoro - 9 views

    Work more effectively with this clever little timer site that fits in breaks in to your working time.
edutopia .org

Replicating Success: Project-Based Learning | Edutopia - 19 views

    In this Schools that Work story, we profiled a rural school district in Northwest Georgia using their resources carefully to replicated successful Project-Based Learning. 
David Wetzel

How to Become an Athletic Trainer - 6 views

    Work environment, job outlook, and education requirements are provided for anyone interested in continuing their education for entry into this career field.
Ruth Howard

Voices from The Internet as Play's videos on Vimeo - 9 views

    The videos of the Internet as Playground and Factory Conference here.
Ruth Howard

Internet as Playground and Factory :: Intro - 6 views

  • Large corporations then profit from this interaction by collecting and selling this data.  Social participation is the oil of the digital economy. Today, communication is a mode of social production facilitated by new capitalist imperatives and it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between play, consumption and production, life and work, labor and non-labor.  
  • The revenues of today's social aggregators are promising but their speculative value exceeds billions of dollars. Capital manages to expropriate value from the commons; labor goes beyond the factory, all of society is put to work. Every aspect of life drives the digital economy: sexual desire, boredom, friendship — and all becomes fodder for speculative profit.
  • Free Software and similar practices have provided important alternatives to and critiques of traditional modes of intellectual property to date but user agency is not just a question of content ownership. Users should demand data portability, the right to pack up and leave the walled gardens of institutionalized labor à la Facebook or StudiVZ. We should ask which rights users have beyond their roles as consumers and citizens.
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  • How much should Google pay them to tag an image? Such payment could easily become more of an insult than a remuneration. Currently, there are few adequate definitions of labor that fit the complex, hybrid realities of the digital economy.
  • The Internet as Playground and Factory poses a series of questions about the conundrums surrounding labor (and often the labor of love) in relation to our digital present:
Joseph Alvarado

Work with teachers, don't fire them - - 6 views

    An interesting article that examines the recent events of Rhode Island school district firing teachers and how effective that really is. Teachers need parents support.

100 Essential Web Tools for Any Side Business | Management Degree - 0 views

    If you are intent on growing your company into something respectable and profitable, you'll need the tools and connections to help you project a professional image. Check out our list of 100 essential web tools for anyone who's starting up a side business.
Ruth Howard

2¢ Worth » A Day in Texas - 0 views

  • Students find problems in their local communities, and then use these tools to solve them.
    David Warlick links to the East Project which emphasises a practical Project-Based learning model. Real life learning where student learning contributes to the greater pool of learning.
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