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Martin Burrett

The @UKEdPodcast - Episode 22 - Phonics Pruning and Thriving with @debbiehepp @JohnStan... - 0 views

    "Hosted by @digicoled, in this episode we explore the Phonics teaching and learning strategy in England with an in-depth, fascinating interview with Debbie Hepplewhite MBE."
Martin Burrett

UKEdPodcast - Episode 21 - Interview with Loren Carpenter - Plus @JohnStanier1 - 0 views

    "Hosted by @digicoled, this episode we are honoured to interview one of the founding fathers of Pixar Animation, Loren Carpenter, who charts his time as a computer scientist at Boeing, and then with Lucas Films. Listen via Soundcloud below, via the Apple Podcasts icon, or subscribe to 'UKEdChat' via your favourite podcast smartphone app."
Martin Burrett

Answering Questions at Teaching Interviews by @guruteaching - 3 views

    "Does the thought of answering questions at teaching interviews fill you with dread? For many, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only is the application process extremely time-consuming, but if you are lucky to reach the interview stage, you will deal with on-the-spot pressures too. Most schools will observe a lesson you've prepared before moving to formal interviews. If you reach this stage you've done well. However, this is often the point at which candidates struggle the most. After all, you can prepare a lesson, knowing to some degree how it will go. But how can you predict what will be asked in an interview? Answering questions at teaching interviews is a skill you need to develop. Fortunately, there's a way."
Tero Toivanen

"Reboelje!" - Invisible Learning in the Netherlands | Education Futures - 2 views

    The purpose of the Invisible Learning Tour is to raise awareness for the need for innovation in education.
Dean Mantz

Interview with Karen Cator | LearnCentral - 4 views

    Steve Hargadon interviews Karen Cator (Director of Educational Technology USDE)
Dave Truss

In search of the elusive Eminent Person Interview | Adventures in a Gifted Classroom - 0 views

    How much does this owe to the culture of learning developing in a classroom that has been evolving as a continuous 9 / 10 split since 2005? How much does it owe to the evolution of my own pedagogy in relation to technology and student learning networks? And how much of this is the observation of the tidal shift in how the emerging generation, who views technology as an underlying fact of life, rather than ornamental, or merely entertainment, can use technology to empower individualized learning?
Mark Moran

Interview of the Day - 10 views

    A compelling historic interview with a notable figure each day, plus links to complete information about the subject. Interviews taken from renown historic sources such as The Paris Review, The Mike Wallace Interviews of the 1950s, the BBC, Charlie Rose, NPR
Tony Searl

NZ Interface Magazine | If you can't use technology get out of teaching! - 10 views

    Is a lack of PD a barrier? Professional development is a barrier, although I think they can teach themselves much of what teachers need to be learning to be able to modernise their classrooms. The worst thing a teacher can say is: "who's going to teach me how to do that?" Teachers are teachers and should be able to teach themselves what they need to know. If they can't then they probably shouldn't be teaching. You want a teacher who can keep up. There are networks of other educators out there that can connect you with new skills. Professional development doesn't have to be something that is done to teachers - it can be just ongoing conversations they're having with other professionals that they're learning from every day.
Mireille Jansma

Charlie Rose - A conversation with Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers) - 0 views

    Must see. On success, talent, motivation and opportunity / luck.
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