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Jeff Johnson

Daily English Activities: Tease your Brian - 1 views

    This site is for EFL & ESL students. Each day you can find a new simple online activity to help you improve your English.
Carla Arena

wikisinEFL » Wikis in EFL - 0 views

    Graham Stanley's compilation of young learners wiki spaces.
Vicki Davis

Azhar's Reflections: Twitter in a new dress! - 6 views

    I love this reflection from Azhar Youssef, an EFL teacher in Egypt who is so passionate and excited. This is what MOOCs are all about - connecting the world and finding the best wherever they are. Hat tip to my friend Lee Graham of #diffimooc who let me know about Azhar's work. This is her introduction video that she used for the Mooc work. I think that all teachers in the near future, are going to need to have an introduction video. Like a resume, you'll need it to use to introduce yourself when you participate in elearning projects. Do you have an intro flyer or video? Isn't it time? I love her smore flyer. (via Azhar's Reflections: Twitter in a new dress!)
Martin Burrett

Action Research - What and how? by @Clare2ELT - 0 views

    Many schemes of professional development for teachers, as well as advanced teaching certificates, include an element of 'Action Research' (AR). In my work as a team leader of EFL tutors, I've come to see just how important AR is for teachers to continue to develop and professionalise their teaching practices. And I'm so enthusiastic about teachers doing research that I want to share some introductory thoughts with a wider audience - with you, my dear blog readers! I hope I can inspire you to start your own AR projects, and would love to hear what you get up to...
Joao Alves

Project-Based Learning Strategies and Research for Educators - 20 views

    RT @CoyHolcombe: RT @NikPeachey: The Complete Guide to Project-Based Learning handy #elearning #elt #efl #esol #esl
Clif Mims

BrainPOP ESL - 3 views

    An Animated Educational Site for English Language Students of all ages. Games, Lesson Plans, Teaching Tools, Activities, Animated Movies, for TESOL, TOEFL, ELL and EFL learners
Clif Mims

Read the Words - 7 views

    Free text to speech voices. --Alternative methods to process written information. --Can be used to assist non-readers/struggling readers. --Helpful in ESL/EFL classrooms
Ric Murry

EFL Teaching Recipes - 1 views

shared by Ric Murry on 21 Jul 09 - Cached
    Ideas (recipes) to use with ELL students.
Victor Hugo Rojas B.

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: distance learning - 0 views

    Anyone who uses their whiteboard for ELT / EFL classes will know what a really useful teaching aid it can be, so how about using one with your distance learners?
Nik Peachey

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: Online Teacher Development Works Best - 15 Reasons Why - 0 views

    I've started this article with quite a bold statement, but it's a conclusion that I have been coming too over the course of quite a few years now. I should really put this into context though, as most of the teacher training I do deals with pedagogical training for the use of technology and is most often delivered during intensive face to face sessions, usually with groups of teachers working in a computer lab.
Dave Truss

What if? A new way to think about PD and conferences. : EFL 2.0 - Teacher Talk - 14 views

    What if we had presentations without a set topic? Where people show up without an organized agenda. Where the discussion goes this way and that way - as the experience and knowledge of those in the room dictate and NOT as the set delivery of the typical presentation would dictate.
    Hi there! OK, so I just read this, as you well know I share similar viewpoints as you, but here's my question (and I may be missing something obvious here, but, when I read this, it describes more of the EdCamp model, no? Or is even that too formal to rid the room of the pink elephant? Just wondering.
Maggie Verster

Teaching English IATEFL 2009 (online) conference - 0 views

    Join us and fellow ELT professionals from around the world to discuss, reflect on and develop ideas. The 43rd IATEFL Conference will offer many opportunities for professional contact and development. The programme offers over 400 workshops, posters, talks, panel discussions and symposiums by international presenters from over 60 countries.
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