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Vicki Davis

Evernote, Dropbox, Edublog Consent form from Canada - 11 views

    Here's a sample form allowing students to use Dropbox and Evernote and Edublog services from a teacher in Canada. NOte that this includes disclosure that the site is hosted outside the country, something important for international relationships as typically websites are governed by their host country.
Vicki Davis

Google Apps for Students - 5 views

    Another website example of disclosures about the use of Google apps from a district in Oregon. This also references their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and frequently asked questions about Google Apps, another good thing to include.
Kathy Benson

ICT AUP - 6 views

    Trailblazer page to sample Acceptable use policies

Information Services & Technology- » Acceptable Use Policy - 9 views

    really like this aup - covers BYOD
Suzie Nestico

YouTube - Freedom Sticks - 11 views

    Alec Couros ~ short video about the frustrations of working with school filters and how to circumvent in using what Alec calls "freedom sticks." AKA - programs on USB drives. Alec acknowledges how any/most students can and do find their way around the filter, anyway.
Michael Walker

AUP with Social Media included. - 18 views

    • Michael Walker
      Guidelines for the use of Social Media in Edina.
Deb Henkes

AUP Guide - 11 views

    "Acceptable Use Policies in Web 2.0 & Mobile Era" from the CoSN Leadership Initiative.
Maggie Verster

Deal Or No Deal? A call for education management to get real! - 9 views

    A great reflection from Tom Whitby about the use of technology in education. Do we need AUP's (this one got me thinking) or just plain commona sense. Join the debate on his blog.
Michael Walker

New Responsible Use Policy « TransLeadership - 10 views

    PLP cohort changed their AUP into a "Responsible Use Policy" Here is Tony Baldasaro'sy's blog post describing it.
Dave Truss

St. Vrain Valley School District Network VrainNet Terms and Conditions for Computer... - 6 views

    From @budtheteacher - Bud Hunt
Ruth Howard

Academy of Discovery - Discovery Blogging Rules - 7 views

  • please read the following list of agreements with your child. Please sign and date this agreement and return to Ms. Hughes. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Infractions of these rules will lead to the following consequences in order of severity and number of offense: Letter of apology to those offended by the infraction(individual students, one core class, or whole blogging community),warning by teacher, and editing or deletion of offending post/comment. Letter of apology to those offended by the infraction(individual students, one core class, or whole blogging community),temporary loss of blogging privileges (duration of quarter), editing or deletion of offending post/comment. Letter of apology to those offended by the infraction (individual students, one core class, or whole blogging community), permanent loss of blogging privileges(duration of school year), editing or deletion of offending post/comment.
Julie Lindsay

elearning - E4L Policies and Guidelines - 0 views

    A collection of policies and guidelines from Qatar Academy for use of e-learning, mobile computing and Web 2.0 resources.
Maggie Verster

Social Media Guidelines for Schools - 0 views

    This is a collaborative project to generate Social Media Guidelines for school districts. The goal of this guideline is to provide instructional employees, staff, students, administrators, parents and the school district community direction when using social media applications both inside and outside the classroom.
paresh parekh

An overview of copyright law for teachers - 0 views

    Copyright law provides educators with a separate set of rights in addition to fair use, to display (show) and perform (show or play) others' works in the classroom. This article give an oveview of copyright for educators
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