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Suzie Nestico

12 Rules for Writing Great Letters to Request Action - Wrightslaw - 1 views

  • 4. You negotiate with the school for special education services.
    • Suzie Nestico
      The purpose of the letter could vary.  This format can easily be used for a variety of issues.
  • 5. Never threaten. Never telegraph your punches!
  • Fear of the Unknown As a negotiator, one of the most powerful forces you have on your side is the "Fear of the Unknown." When you threaten, you are telling the other side what you plan to do. If you tell them what you plan to do, you have told them how to protect themselves. At that moment, you lose your advantage - which is the wonderful, powerful Fear of the Unknown. Never telegraph your punches – you will destroy their power and effectiveness. 
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  • 6. Make several (unpleasant but necessary) assumptions.
  • 7. Make your problem unique.
  • 8. You ARE writing letters to a Stranger who has the power to resolve the problem
  • 9. Write letters to the school as business letters.
    • Suzie Nestico
      Again, writing does not have to be simply for a school.  This can easily be adapted to any audience.
  • 10. NEVER make judgments.
  • 11. Write your letter chronologically.
  • 2. Write letters that are clear and easy to understand.
  • Before you write a letter, you need answer these questions.
  • 2. Your First Letter is Always a Draft
  • 3. Allow for "cooling off" and revision time.

We are Teachers - Special Education Microgrant - 15 views

    Voting 11/18-12/1. Please vote for my Wii for Inclusion PE project (search for Jeremy Brown)! Thanks.
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