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Martin Burrett

Children with autism thrive in mainstream pre-schools - 0 views

    "In a world first, breakthrough research from La Trobe University has shown that toddlers with autism are just as capable of learning important life skills through early-intervention delivered in mainstream pre-schools as in specialised settings. Over a period of three years, 44 children aged between 15 and 32 months were randomly assigned to classrooms that included only children with autism or to classrooms with typically developing peers."
Vicki Davis

To Figure Out Unknown, Children Rely Less on Words Than Adults Do - 3 views

    If you work with younger children under the age of 5, you will want to look deeper into this research that shows that words mean less to children than adults when trying to categorize things. ""In the past, we thought that if we name the things for children, the labels will do the rest: children would infer that the two things that have the same name are alike in some way or that they go together," he said. "We can't assume that anymore. We really need to do more than just label things."
Vicki Davis

Income, Parental Education Linked To Pre-School Learning Gaps - 3 views

    This Huffington Post article summarizing findings from a recent Brookings Institute study showing that parental income and education are more highly linked to a child's preschool success than anything else. It also presents the naysayers making for a balanced overview of this report that has lots of people talking.
Megan Black

PEEP and the Big Wide World: Interactive Games - 10 views

    Fun and funny games for younger students. I found this thanks to Colin Gallagher.
Fred Delventhal

Welcome to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library - 6 views

    Imagine if every one of your kindergartners had received 1 book a month since they were born prior to entering your classroom.
Arthur Preston

Professionalism in Early Childhood Education - 4 views

    A good read for those in preschool / early childhood education.
Maggie Verster

Interactive educational tool board for young children -cool - 24 views

    Thanx Andrew 4 this one. Has game boards accross all the disciplines: literacy, numeracy, science, history, geography, ICT...
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