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Martin Burrett

FILMCLUB - 72 views

    The home page of Film Club, an organisation which helps schools setup after school film Clubs.
Derrick Grose

"Based on a book" book club - 53 views

    Kristen Barbour describes how a different kind of book club prepares students for coping with some of the real world challenges they may face after graduation.
Debra Spear

Start a Life Hacker Club at Your School - Getting Smart by Adam Renfro - Club, goals, life hacker | Getting Smart - 53 views

    Sounds like a great idea - helps answer the question, "What is technology really for?" Pursue dreams? Discover full potential? Realize opportunities?
Brady Kiel

News From The Rock - 1 views

  • SKI CLUB:  Attention skiers and snowboarders ... or anyone who would like to learn.  Get some friends together, and let’s have some fun!  Nordic Mountain is giving Shattuck students a fantastic opportunity at a fantastic price.  See Mrs. McConnell in the office for information and forms.  It is a first-come, first-served activity, so hurry before the bus is full!  Remember, you do not need to know how to ski to join ski CLUB. Forms and payment are due to Mrs. McConnell NO LATER than Wednesday, January 11.  
    • Brady Kiel
      I highly recommend that you try ski club. This is a very reasonable opportunity 
Stacy Olson

Book Club Management - 6 views

    " is the web's leading application for creating, managing and running your very own online book club.
Randy Rodgers

Code Club World - 41 views

    Great collection of resources for anyone interested in starting an after-school programming club for kids in upper elementary. Lesson plans, student tasks, much more!
Matt Renwick

Building School-Based Student Digital Book Clubs | MiddleWeb - 5 views

    "All learning is social. We develop new understandings from each other. Print, whether digital or on paper, happens to be one of the ways people communicate. Bridging these two worlds through social media such as Google+, Twitter, and Edmodo gives us that authentic experience of what read readers do."
Kathleen N

The Breakfast Club: Utilizing Popular Film to Teach Adolescent Development -- L. Kaye and Ets-Hokin 24 (2): 110 -- Acad Psychiatry - 1 views

    In this article, we have described an approach to teaching adolescent development through the use of popular film. We focus on The Breakfast Club, an extraordinarily rich and contemporary film, and highlight some of the many developmental issues portrayed. Although identity-formation and the role of the peer group are central, myriad other discussions can be generated from this film. Residents and faculty have enjoyed this approach to teaching and learning. In a future article, we will discuss the use of other films, such as Boyz in the Hood and The Wonder Years, to teach about other aspects of adolescent development.
Martin Burrett

Running an Extra Curricular Activity (Why, What and How) by @richardjarogers - UKEdChat - 3 views

    "My teenage years were brilliant, and one of the reasons for this is that I was involved in so many active clubs and hobbies. I was an army cadet, I did karate and I even tried hockey and acting for a short while. The Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) I did as a kid shaped my character more than my lessons in school. I can say that with conviction. In my ECAs, I made new and lasting friendships and learnt cool skills (such as how to start a fire with potassium permanganate, and how to disarm an attacker with a pistol)."
Virginia Meadow

Tom Snyder Productions: Product Details - 0 views

    Website for Tom Snyder Productions, a Scholastic company, creator of education software for the k-12 educational market. Major products include Scholastic Keys, Thinking Reader, TimeLiner, Graph Master, Graph Club, Neighborhood MapMachine, Community Construction Kit, Decisions Decisions, Reading for Meaning, FASTT Math, GO Solve Word Problems, Science Court, Workshop Book Series
Kelly Boushell

LetterPop - 181 views

    Use LetterPop to create eye-popping newsletters, actionable presentations, irresistible invitations, beautiful product features, sizzling event summaries, informative club updates, lovely picture collages, and a whole lot more
    Teachers account is $39 dollars a year with limited usage.
Nancy White

Changing Rules of the Literacy Club | Angela Maiers Educational Services, Inc. - 68 views

  • Aren't we all emergent readers when we encounter new texts and mediums that push the boundaries of genre, form, format, and mode;on and offline? 
    Great description of literacy and learning.
    Global digital learners. We are all emerging into new ways in learning and literacy.
Anja Lehmann

How is math involved with soccer? - Yahoo! Answers - 36 views

    • Anja Lehmann
      regression to calculate strategies
  • - Team Salary (Similar to marketing, each soccer club must determine "ahead of time", how much they will pay each player. The base salary is determined by calculating the expected value of future revenue generated by each individual player with 90% confidence; that is to say, only 10% risk. The remaining 10% risk is not given to the player in the form of base salary, but rather as bonus incentives. "If you score so many goals, or the total games played win % is higher than X%", then a reward is given in the form of additional money. In either case, the job of a Statistician or in this case; Accountant, is to determine the probability of each player's expected preformance; then, the expected change in revenue due to such preformance; determine the risk the soccer club is willing to bear for such preformance; and then determine a fair compensation amount to each individual player.)
    • Anja Lehmann
      Expected value and confidence interval to calculate wages in football

Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (for free!) - 169 views

    Excellent starting point for classrooms looking to use their technology during literacy blocks.
Mark Gleeson

FAQ | Writers Club - 50 views

    A writing project set up by a teacher to encourage quality writing. This is the FAQ section
Matt Renwick

How to Start an Online Book Club on Goodreads | Reading By Example - 35 views

    Leave a comment on my blog post and register to possibly win a free copy of Mindfulness.
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