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Contents contributed and discussions participated by m101poe


Teach the Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers | Adolescent Literacy Topics A-Z... - 35 views

  • Instructional Aid 1.1: Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers
  • Activating "Priming the cognitive pump" in order to recall relevent prior knowledge and experiences from long-term memory in order to extract and construct meaning from text Inferring Bringing together what is spoken (written) in the text, what is unspoken (unwritten) in the text, and what is already known by the reader in order to extract and construct meaning from the text Monitoring-Clarifying Thinking about how and what one is reading, both during and after the act of reading, for purposes of determining if one is comprehending the text combined with the ability to clarify and fix up any mix-ups Questioning Engaging in learning dialogues with text (authors), peers, and teachers through self-questioning, question generation, and question answering Searching-Selecting Searching a variety of sources in order to select appropriate information to answer questions, define words and terms, clarify misunderstandings, solve problems, or gather information Summarizing Restating the meaning of text in one's own words — different words from those used in the original text Visualizing-Organizing
  • Constructing a mental image or graphic organizer for the purpose of extracting and constructing meaning from the text

Effective Teaching Resources and Strategies - Oppositional Defiant Disorder - 16 views

  • Pick your battles - if you try to fight with them about everything.. nobody wins
  •    - Talk to a colleague about how you are feeling. Sometimes venting is all you need!                      - Go for a walk at recess or lunch                      - Take a deep breath and remember, the child is not doing this on purpose and they may be as frustrated as you.                                          - Play a quick game online...
  • It is important to remember that we need to be fair to all students. Fair means to support them with what they need... not to treat them all the same way. 

SSD - 13 views

    • m101poe
      Sometimes we forget as teachers how important this is.
  • Data suggest that phonological awareness is closely associated with productive phonological ability especially in regard to pseudoword, sentence-word and word-phoneme segmentation tasks that are independent of mental age and educational experiences
    • m101poe
      These are truly awesome!!!! Eventhough I'm not a Language Implementor, that doesn't mean I can't use things like this to aid in my students learning.
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  • atypical production of speech sounds characterized by substitutions, omissions, additions or distortions that may interfere with intelligibility
    Classroom interventions for Articulation

Mathematics Interventions: What Strategies Work for Struggling Learners or Students Wit... - 40 views

  • Effective Strategies for Teaching Students with Difficulties in Mathematics [external link]
    • m101poe
      Be sure to look at this befor planning lesson plans this year for teahing math.
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