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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jac Londe

Jac Londe

google-blockly - A visual programming language - Google Project Hosting - 1 views

  • Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming language. Users can drag blocks together to build an application. No typing required.
Jac Londe - the encyclopedia of painting - 6 views

shared by Jac Londe on 14 May 12 - No Cached
    • Jac Londe
      Art Visuel - Visual Art - A wiki site about paintings - Un site Wiki sur la peinture
Jac Londe

Google Insights for Search - 3 views

    Site des tendances de recherche de Google
Jac Londe

Yabla - 63 views

Jac Londe

Word order: The internet as the toy with a tin ear - Opinion - Al Jazeera English - 25 views

  • Word order: The internet as the toy with a tin ear
  • How have communication advancements degraded the way people use languages today?
Jac Londe

Annotum - 3 views

  • Annotum, an open-source, open-process, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress.

    Annotum version 1.o was launched on November 22, 2011 (11/22/11).

Jac Londe

Truly random numbers - 41 views

  • At a quantum scale, the motion of electrons and protons is completely and genuinely random, since it doesn’t follow a clear path of cause and effect. You basically have no idea what’s going to happen. If you can measure this somehow, than you’ve got yourself an absolutely random value.
  • “If you want to defeat an adversary who is trying to hack into your system, basically you need large quantities of random numbers,”  Sussman said.
  • “…a truly random number generator will provide impenetrable encryption for communications — be they military transmissions, secure banking, or online purchasing — that underpin the modern connected world.”
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  • The researchers used pulses of laser light, which only last a trillionth of a second, that were directed through a diamond. The light comes and goes through the diamond, however when it exists it’s changed, since it has to pass through quantum vacuum fluctuations, the microscopic flickering of the amount of energy in a point in space. Scientists can measure these pulses of light that emerge from the experimental set-up, measurements which are the truly random.
  • random numbers
  • with quantum physics
Jac Londe

How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically! - 7 views

  • How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically!
  • "Our work suggests that some problems with learning and memory are caused by synapses not being tuned to the right frequency."
  • "To our surprise, we found that beyond the optimal frequency, synaptic strengthening actually declined as the frequencies got higher."
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  • Their research also showed that once a synapse learns, its optimal frequency changes. In other words, if the optimal frequency for a naïve synapse -- one that has not learned anything yet -- was, say, 30 spikes per second, after learning, that very same synapse would learn optimally at a lower frequency, say 24 spikes per second. Thus, learning itself changes the optimal frequency for a synapse.
  • the findings raise the possibility that drugs could be developed to "retune" the brain rhythms of people with learning or memory disorders, or that many more of us could become Einstein or Mozart if the optimal brain rhythm was delivered to each synapse.
Jac Londe

Bank of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • Bank of Canada
  • The bank began operations on March 11, 1935, after the passage of the Bank of Canada Act. Initially the bank was founded as a privately owned corporation in order to ensure it was free from political influence. In 1938, under Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, it became " a special type of " Crown corporation, fully owned by the government; thus, in effect, by the Canadian taxpayers; with the governor appointed by Cabinet. The responsibility for creating small bills was transferred from the finance department and the private banks were ordered to remove their currency from circulation by 1949.[
Jac Londe

Fractional-reserve banking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

  • Fractional-reserve banking
  • Fractional-reserve banking is a type of banking whereby the bank does not retain all of a customer’s deposits within the bank. Funds received by the bank are generally lent to other customers. This means that available funds (called bank reserves) are only a fraction (called the reserve ratio) of the quantity of deposits at the bank. As most bank deposits are treated as money in their own right, fractional reserve banking increases the money supply, and banks are said to create money.
Jac Londe

La création du système bancaire canadien - Les Archives de Radio-Canada - 0 views

  • La création du système bancaire canadien
  • Pour la majorité des gens, les banques forment un monde feutré, voire mythique, en partie car les transactions demeurent privées. L'architecture imposante des banques ou bien leurs coffres-forts fermés par d'indéchiffrables combinaisons entretiennent ce côté mystérieux et secret.
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