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Day of the Dead - Wikipedia - 11 views

    • mattiegallo
      Remember: Read the first paragraph of any article- it gives insight to what the article will discuss.
    Day of the Dead
Matt Renwick

Cultivating Passionate Learners in Common Core Classrooms | MiddleWeb - 21 views

  • we have to find our own freedom and creativity within them.
  • look at the unit’s end goal and work backwards from there
  • asked the students how they would like to reach these goals
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • create a crayfish documentary
  • told me better than any test
Ann Steckel

Experience Plastc | Home | Plastc - 40 views

    This feels a bit like being spammed. Is there a link between this advertisement for a new fangled credit card and the educational aims of Diigo? I think not.
Deborah Baillesderr - 37 views

    DOK Question Stems
Caroline Camara

Ideas for the last two weeks of school - 53 views

    Great thoughts for when we are reconsidering things such as Academic Excellence Dinner, Final Awards Assemblies, Sr. Night etc.
Brandie Hayes

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies >> Carbon City - 19 views

    Great activity to help students use NASA data in order to develop a community-based strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Includes additional resources (articles, websites, NASA instruments) to help students learn about CO2 emissions, what is being done around the world, to decrease CO2 emissions, and what they can do. 
Brandie Hayes

Impacts & Adaptation | Climate Change | US EPA - 28 views

    Impacts and adaptations of climate change across the major regions of the US. Also broken down across 10 sectors-agriculture, coasts, ecosystems, energy, human ,health, etc. 
Michelle Kassorla

The Scale of the Universe - 113 views

    Interactive scale tool
    This is one of the most amazing sites you will ever visit. It compares the scale of things from quarks to supernovas and beyond. Prepare to be very impressed.
L Holwerda

Table of Comets - 75 views

    sample for students
Gerald Carey

It's Alive! - 3 views

    From the author: "Book two in a three part series, It's Alive explains the scientific theories regarding the origin of life on Earth using captivating illustrations and whimsical rhymes. From the formation of our solar system to the birth of bacteria, you'll learn about the conditions that could have created life, the nature of organic existence, and the beauty of evolution. This book is intended for all ages. If you don't understand everything, don't worry, no one does! That's why I made it rhyme and added lots of pictures."
London Jenks

The Difficulty of Discovery (Where Have All The Geniuses Gone?) | Wired Scien... - 99 views

  • In sciences and engineering, 99.4% of the 171 subfields have seen increased teamwork. Meanwhile, 100% of the 54 subfields in the social sciences, 88.9%of the 27 subfields in the humanities, and 100% of the 36 subfields in patenting have seen increased teamwork
    • London Jenks
      This highlights the need to teach our students to collaborate effectively and work well in teams. What skills do they need? 
  • We live in a world of such complexity that our problems increasingly exceed the possibilities of the individual mind. Collaboration is no longer an option.
    Collaboration is no longer an option.
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