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Elizabeth Resnick

All you need to get started | EdCafes in the Classroom - 91 views

    Brilliant idea.
Roland Gesthuizen

Great Teachers Don't Wait for PD Days | Educational Discourse - 68 views

    "This was a comment I made on the #satchatwc a while back. It's had a few retweets and some comments. This past Saturday morning, I joined in the first #edcampHOME  hosted as an edcamp event but online. As I've processed this event and what took place, there are a few take aways for me and then a reflection."
Roland Gesthuizen

Teacher-Led Professional Learning: The Latest Revolution In Education | Edudemic - 71 views

    "It's refreshing and empowering to think about teachers taking control of their own professional learning. I'm thankful to this growing swell of educators for beginning a revolution that is truly transforming education as we know it. What exciting times we are living in!"

The Epic EdCamp Lip Dub | The Edcamp Foundation - 29 views

    Edcamp video
Eric Arbetter

5 lessons I learned about PD from attending edcamp - 0 views

    Take Aways from Edcamp experience.
Roland Gesthuizen

Edcamps: The New Professional Development - Finding Common Ground - Education Week - 29 views

  • It typically takes a group of people to organize the event. They come up with a common theme of what they want the Edcamp to focus on and then they invite educators from around the school, district or state to attend and present. Attendees do not all have to present but some Edcamps encourage it.
  • Edcamps are about building an educational community and sharing best practices. Camps are known for bring diverse people together for a common good and Edcamps have the same goal in mind.
    "Imagine an unconference. No keynote speaker. No proposal deadlines 6 months before a conference takes place. In fact, take it a step further and think of a conference where there is no need to pay a fee. This type of unconference is called an Edcamp and it's a trending idea in education around the world."
Brianna Crowley

edcamphbg smackdown - Google Docs - 6 views

    A list of relevant Web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom from the EdCamp Harrisburg "un"conference. All participants were given 60 secs to introduce their favorite website and how they use it in teaching or professional development.  
Kevin Jarrett

Teachers give a gold star to a free-for-all education camp | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05... - 49 views

    Terrific article about #edcamp philly 2011 with perspectives from several attendees and some of the organizing team. So proud to be part of this movement!
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    How do we find out more about EdCamps to be offered in our area? I am a NJ teacher. Sorry I missed the Philly opportunity?
    Hi Trish! Sorry we missed you. For more information about future edcamps, go here: - we will be back in 2012! There was a Teachmeet (similar style unconference) in March at Rutgers and probably will happen again next year too! You can always organize your own edcamp - if you want info on that, let me know! I'm Peace!
A Gardner

iTeach: Edcamp Impromptu - 45 views

    "impromptu" created as access for all, but for us that cannot attend an edcamp due to geography.
A Gardner

Unconference: Revolutionary professional learning | Powerful Learning Practice - 136 views

  • Unconferences matter because they harness the power of authentic learning.
  • as adults we are so unused to seeing democratic, generative thinking, live, in action.
    • A Gardner
      Our teaching should reflect our learning
  • moving from expert-driven learning to self-authorized learning.
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  • expert voices are already among us.
  • ifferentiation is as important for adults
  • adult learning occurs when it is personal, social and voluntary
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