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Hare Marke

Buy Twitter Followers - 100% Real & Safe | Guaranteed - 0 views

    Why You Should seriously consider buying Twitter Followers: One of the most widely used social networking sites on the internet is Twitter. With more than 336 million active users each month, it's a terrific location to network with potential clients and expand your business. If you haven't already, you should give Twitter for business some serious thought. Advantages of purchasing Twitter followers? Twitter is one of the most well-known social networking sites, with more than 320 million users. Twitter is used by a lot of people and businesses to interact with potential clients or followers. Some people spend money on Twitter followers in an effort to appear more influential or popular. The practice of buying Twitter followers has several benefits. Buy Twitter Followers Possessing more popularity, which might draw more natural followers, is one benefit of purchasing Twitter followers. Also, purchasing followers may help your tweets have a wider audience, which may result in more people viewing your content. The Benefits of Purchasing Twitter Following? There are several justifications for why somebody could decide to purchase Twitter followers. The following are some advantages of doing so: Pros: You may instantly expand your Twitter presence by buying Twitter followers. It might be a reasonably affordable strategy to grow your Twitter following. It can aid in increasing your Twitter social proof and authority. Buy Twitter FollowersHow to Purchase Following on Twitter? There are a few considerations to make when thinking about buying Twitter followers. First, it's crucial to confirm that the followers are actual people and not robots. It is possible to spot fraudulent followers by keeping an eye out for inactive accounts, phony profile images, and duplicate accounts. Consideration should also be given to the caliber of the followers. Some firms will sell you followers who are fraudulent or of low quality and won't interact with your material. Your en
Hare Marke

Buy Twitter Accounts - Cheap prices. Accounts store - 0 views

    Buy verified twitter account If you want to get your business noticed on twitter, a verified account is the best way to do it. A verified twitter account is a great way to get people interested in what you have to say and get them interested in buying from you. We have been providing verified twitter accounts since 2009 and we know how important it is for businesses who want their products or services advertised online. We also understand that not everyone can afford expensive marketing strategies like this one! That's why we charge only $49 per 1000 followers (the lowest price on the internet). Buying verified twitter account twitter accounts are verified when they have a blue tick mark. Verified accounts are owned by real people, and the verification process involves submitting documents to twitter that prove their identity. twitter verifies accounts for public figures, brands and organisations, but not individuals. Verifying your account will help you gain credibility with other users who follow you on twitter and increase the likelihood of gaining more followers in the future. Buy aged twitter account Aged twitter accounts are those that have been inactive for a long time. These accounts can be bought for a low price and then used to increase your follower count, get more likes on your tweets, or boost the visibility of your brand. Buy aged twitter accounts with followers: You can buy aged twitter accounts with followers if you want to increase the number of people who follow you on twitter. For example, if you have 100 followers now but want more people to follow what's going on in your life then buying an old account may help! Buy aged twitter accounts with following: If someone follows two other users (A & B), then A will see that B has also followed him/her - which means they're seeing each other's posts! Buy twitter Accounts twitter Accounts twitter : twitter is a social media platform that allows users to post and read tweets. Users can also fol
Roger Zuidema

Twitter Applications List You'll Ever Need - 18 views

    Welcome to Twitterapps! - I have 275 Twitter applications at the momentTwitter applications can be called by different names. They are sometimes called as 'Twitter tools', 'Twitter add-ons' and the likes. But whatever the name they are called, they are simply websites which have built-in scripts that complement Twitter.Here is a simple collection of all the Twitter applications I have encountered on the internet. Contribute more applications to keep the list growing.I also review Twitter applications in-depth in my Twitter Tools List
Steve Ransom

Why should brands bother with Twitter? This table says why - 10 views

    Compares online activity of Twitter users vs. non-Twitter users... in essence, inferring that Twitter users are much more active socially online overall, not only on Twitter.
Tom Daccord

Our Twitter Video Used in Mainstream Media - Thoughts? | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English - 0 views

    For the first time in Common Craft's evolution, one of our videos "Twitter in Plain English" is being used in the mainstream media. For the most part, we're excited to have our work in front of millions. However, it brings up some questions and we're curious what you think. A few facts: * The video "Twitter in Plain English" is 100% Common Craft's property and is licensed with a Creative Commons non-commercial, no-derivatives license. * Our names and a link to our web site appear at the end of the video * The video is currently displayed from a link on the front page of * Of the 5-6 media companies to use the video so far (examples below), only ABC contacted us first. * Of the 5-6 media companies to use the video so far, only ABC has attributed Common Craft as the source. * Snippets of the video are being used and sometimes the camera points at the video displayed at
Tom Daccord

Top Online High Schools on Twitter - Find Online High Schools on Twitter - 1 views

    Several online high schools now participate in Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. By "following" these virtual high schools on Twitter, you can receive the latest updates about their programs and accomplishments. Below you'll find links to some of the top online high schools on Twitter. If you know of any other online schools that should be included in this list, email me at:
Philippe Scheimann

B.L. Ochman's blog: Some Social Media Search Tools I Like: I'll show you mine if you show me yours. - 34 views

  • Some Social Media Search Tools I Like: I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
  • Here are some of the tools and apps I like for social media search. Got others? Twitseek: enter a URL, hashtag or keyword and it finds Tweets related to tracks #hastags and also trends each one and shows you most popular ones Poll Everywhere lets you poll by SMS, Twitter or the Web in real-time. It replaces clunky audience response hardware at events and lets people use their phones to respond. Kikin kills me! It augments Google searches with relevant information from my social media contacts. So, if I'm shopping, I can get opinions, prices, see reviews and more, without ever leaving the product page. There's a good review on Techcrunch. Tweetscan Twitter search tool that updates every second and will send you emails when your keywords are mentioned, or let you back up your Twitter stream, which Twitter purges regularly Twitscoop searches and tracks search terms, can create a graph of results if there's enough data. It'll show the trend for your keyword activity/popularity Tweepsearch Twitter profile and bio search by keywords Twitstat searches and also shows search trends Twitter Search (formerly Summize) isTwitter's own search engine, and the advanced version is very robust Backtweets : enter a URL and it finds Tweets that linked to it. Mr. Tweet recommends people to follow, communities to join, communities your friends and followers are in, and hot topics in communities. Tweetmi displays the most active Twitterers and top stories from the people you follow. So it's a personalized aggregation of your feed, displaying the the real-time conversation. One Riot is a real-time search engine that crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services, matches them to trending topics on Twitter or ones you search. Collecta does a real-time meta search on topics you choose, and, unlike most other search tools, saves your searches for future use.
    good list of social media search tools
    finding your way in social media
Steve Ransom

Twitter is Stupid. (until you realize…) - 23 views

  • Saying Twitter is ‘stupid’ is like saying all of TV is stupid. All newspapers, all magazines, all radio, all movies. EVERYTHING is stupid if that’s how we think.
  • The truth of the matter is that if all you’re tuning in to is the worst, most annoying things you can find on TV or on the radio, then EVERY kind of media will provide a horrible experience.
  • Tune in to the channels that have the best shows, and your Twitter experience be awesome. Tune in to people that post junk, and you’ll hate it. It’s not the channel that’s stupid; it’s the content we choose to see. Ultimately, if your Twitter experience sucks, it’s your fault, not Twitters.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • A Twitter experience isn’t made in 2 minutes. It’s crafted over time. It occurs as you discover awesome people you’ve never heard of. It occurs when you begin to see the world differently because you’re exposed to the lives of interesting people from all over the globe. It occurs when you interact with them. It occurs when you inspire them, and are inspired by them.
  • If you’ve tried Twitter and left because all your friends were posting updates from the bar or sharing the latest and greatest cat meme pictures, maybe your friends aren’t who you should be following.
Anica Petkoska

anicap | Twitter Grader - 0 views

    Twitter Grader : Measure the power and authority of your twitter profile"> twitter, social media,social web
Tom Daccord

Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter | Clipmarks - 0 views

    "Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter: What's the point of Twitter? Why should educators get involved? What difference does using Twitter make?"
Dennis OConnor

John Quincy Adams, Twitterer? - - 0 views

  • They may be two centuries old, but, written with staccato-like brevity, entries from one of Adams’s diaries resemble tweets sufficiently that they began appearing Wednesday on Twitter.
  • The diary, which Adams maintained until April 1836, is a rarity among the many he kept, in that the description for each day is no more than one line long. Historians believe he used the descriptions as references to longer entries in other journals.
  • The posts will link to maps that, using the latitude and longitude coordinates from his entries, pinpoint his progress across the ocean. There will also be links to the longer entries of other Adams diaries, which can be found on the society’s Web site,
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Word spread, and the society decided to tweet the entries. They average 110 to 120 characters, below the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter, and there is nary an LOL or BFF among them.
  • The idea appears to be working. As of Wednesday evening, only nine hours after the first entry was Twittered, the post had more than 4,800 followers, and Mr. Dibbell said the number was climbing.
    Clever use of social networking tech. The initial take on twitter was that it just broadcast mindless sort personal observations. This use turns that idea around. Interesting way to teach a bit of history. What if we started tweeting Basho & Issa, the great Japanese haiku poets? Hmmm sounds like a fun lit project doesn't it?
shell zaldivar

How to Customize Your Twitter to Compliment Your Website 2 | - 0 views

  • Branding your twitter is essential to a successful web presence.  It’s easy to create your own customized twitter page that will compliment your existing website/branding. Here’s how…
    If you already have a website and you want your twitter to match, you should read this tutorial.
shell zaldivar

18 Resources That'll Help You Customize Twitter | - 1 views

    Twitter backgrounds, Twitter patterns/templates, Image editors, Fun Photo editors, color schemers, etc.
Ehsan Ullah

Got A New Twitter Follower? Now What? - 0 views

    If you are using Twitter to promote your business or website than do you even notice? What do you do when you get a new Twitter Follower?

Twitter Search, Twitter Directory, Twitter Yellow Pages :: Twellow - 32 views

shared by anonymous on 11 Jun 10 - Cached
    Thanks to @kbconnor for sharing this one. A twitter yellow pages. Want to find an organization with a twitter account? This may be it.
David Wetzel

How to Use Twitter to Stay Informed in Science and Math - 0 views

    The value of Twitter for helping you and your colleagues stay informed of the latest trends, ideas, resources, and Web 2.0 integration tools has increased tremendously in the past year. A Web 2.0 tool is available for exploiting the every growing information on Twitter to remove barriers and allow you to collaborate with other science and math teachers. This new online tool is - a source of daily Twitter newsletters in education.
J Black

How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You - 5 Tips - 0 views

  • . Do interact, but don’t try to respond to everyone. Don’t overuse Twitter out of a compulsion to please others.
  • For those who want to stronger methods for preventing time wastage, download Firefox and use LeechBlock
  • you can better prevent entering the hyperlink blackhole. I read friends’ updates after 5pm and use, which automatically shortens URLs,
    5 useful tips to control Twitter use and time
Kathleen Cercone

Twitter Clients - Twitter for Teachers - 0 views

    Twitter Clients There are a range of tools that will allow you to send and receive Twitter messages with both mobile and desktop devices. This list may never be...
Nigel Coutts

The trouble with Twitter - The Learner's Way - 4 views

    Twitter is a great place for educators to share ideas. It has become my go to place when I am looking for something to read, a new idea or some inspiration. It is a great avenue for sharing practice, asking questions and building a community.    But . . .   . . . Twitter has some problems and these seems to be growing. To get the most out of Twitter a degree of caution is advised.
Martin Burrett

A Social Media Journey - 0 views

    Back in 2011 I was working in the Middle East when a colleague introduced me to Twitter as a tool for professional development and connecting with fellow educators. Prior to this I was aware of Facebook and Twitter, however I considered both as being about nothing more than apps for sharing cute cat videos and status updates. I had a Twitter account for years, however hadn't thought about how it might be a powerful tool to help me become a better educator and provide me with a wealth of new ideas and resources which I previously had not had access to. I had barely used the account beyond the initial setup...
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