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Steve Ransom

Debunking a bullying factoid | - 31 views

  • “160,000 students stay home from school each day due to bullying.”
    Debunking the VERY often-touted statistic that  "160,000 students stay home from school each day due to bullying" 
Louise Robinson-Lay

State Of The Internet 2011 - 72 views

    • Louise Robinson-Lay
      I love the constantly updating ticker on this site too!
    infographic on how important the web is to us all over the world
    Welcome to my website thi truong bat dong san DAT BINH DUONG you'll have new look into Vietnamese real estate. DAT NEN BINH DUONG NHA BINH DUONG
Marc Lijour

It's Time for the Recording Industry to Stop Blaming "Piracy" and Start Finding A New W... - 11 views

  • filesharing is not the reason that the recording industry has fallen on hard financial times. In fact, the recording industry’s complaints that the sky is falling really only apply to the recording industry, and not musicians and the fans, who have seen increased music purchases, increased artist salaries, and the availability of more music than ever before.
  • the London School of Economics released a paper finding that while filesharing may explain some of the decline in sales of physical copies of recorded music, the decline “should be explained by a combination of factors such as changing patterns in music consumption, decreasing disposable household incomes for leisure products and increasing sales of digital content through online platforms.”
  • the music industry is thriving
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • the LSE paper points out that in the UK in 2009, the revenues from live music shows outperformed recorded music sales.
  • Another recent study, this one by the Social Science Research Council, delves into international aspects of "piracy," especially in emerging markets, and finds unauthorized filesharing in some developing economies has actually created opportunities for media companies to come up with innovative business models that allow legal and widespread access to media goods.
  • Sales of CDs have fallen, but the overall music business, including performance, has grown
Steve Ransom

Teenagers, Legal Risks and Social Networking Sites | Lucacept - intercepting the Web - 33 views

  • The majority of teachers have not used SNS in an educational context
    • Steve Ransom
      Which is why educators need to help students leverage these new learning spaces for more purposeful uses beyond mere socializing.
International School of Central Switzerland

Social Media Explosion - Implications for the Classroom « Triple A Learning I... - 28 views

    Social media is growing at explosive rates. Just take a glance at Gary's Social Media Count which includes recent statistics from January 2011. Be certain to click on the 'social', 'mobile', 'games',  and 'heritage' buttons at the top of the page to get the full impact.
Steve Ransom

Why should brands bother with Twitter? This table says why - 10 views

    Compares online activity of Twitter users vs. non-Twitter users... in essence, inferring that Twitter users are much more active socially online overall, not only on Twitter.
Cathy Oxley

YouTube - Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) - 28 views

    A social networking version of the Shift Happens videos
Paul Beaufait

Change Magazine - May/June 2010 - 17 views

    "In this article, I want to go beyond just enrollment numbers to examine key indicators about male experience in college. As I will show, the story about men in higher education doesn't boil down to either "men are in trouble" or "men are fine," as popular debates might suggest. Instead, both assertions have some truth." (Marcus B. Weaver-HIghtower, ¶3, retrieved 2010.05.31) 
Martin Burrett

Math Interactives - 6 views

    This multimedia resource includes interactive math activities, print activities, learning strategies, and videos that illustrate how math is used in everyday life. The resource addresses the following mathematics topics: Fractions; Integers; Percentages; Rate/Ratio/Proportion; Square Roots; Exponents; Patterns; Algebra; Linear Equations; Polynomials; Angles; Circles; Surface Area and Volume; Area and Perimeter; Triangles; Pythagoras; Trigonometry; Similarity and Congruence; Transformations; Shape Classification; Data Display and Graphs; Central Tendency and Distribution; and Probability.
    A great general maths site with lots of tutorials, activities and games which will help your students at school and at home.
Samantha Morra

worldclock.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) - 0 views

    Good resource for statistics to use across the curriculum.
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