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Julie Shy

MapMaker Interactive - National Geographic Education - 0 views

    National Geographic's Map Maker Interactive offers six themes on which users can create custom map displays. Within each theme there are subcategories to choose from. For example, you can select the theme Physical Systems Land then choose volcanic eruptions to display on your map. Map Maker Interactive also provides drawing tool and marker icons that you can place on your map. One drawback to National Geographic's Map Maker Interactive is that your maps cannot be embedded into other sites. But you can download your maps, print them, and share links to them. Overall, the ease of use and the variety of themes makes Map Maker Interactive an excellent alternative to creating maps on Google Earth. In fact, in some ways it's better because you don't have to install anything or register to use Map Maker Interactive. Adding layers to Map Maker Interactive is also more intuitive than adding layers on Google Earth. 
joao Paulo Proenca

10 Simple Google Search Tricks - 0 views

    I'm always amazed that more people don't know the little tricks you can use to get more out of a simple Google search. Here are 10 of my favorites." />
J Black

11 Non-Traditional Uses of WordPress - 0 views

  • the end result is a moderated directory
  • reate a directory on your website or blog where users can submit information about themselves or their business.
  • ort of image bookmarking service for those who have access
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • RecruitPress is a fee job board option.
  • Build a ‘WordBurner’ Email Newsletter Manager Using WordPress and FeedBurner.
  • hosting a forum on your site,
  • contact manager.
  • WordPress Wiki is a premium theme ($30)
  • review site
  • WP e-Commerce is a surprisingly powerful free plugin that will allow you to sell items through your WordPress-powered site or blog.
    In this article we'll take a look at a combination of tutorials, plugins and themes that can help you to use WordPress in non-traditional ways. Hopefully you'll find something that you can use, or at least something that will be a valuable learning resource for extending your knowledge and skills of working with WordPress.
robin young

Winter Olympics Teaching Theme- Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Teacher Resources - 34 views

    A good collection of Winter Themed Olypmic Activities and resources.
Justin Reeve

Themato - Moodle Themes - 0 views

    Themato is an initiative to promote Moodle and the ease of using it with a clean UI. It is carefully curated and nurtured by a group of enthusiasts from the moodle community. In a constant endeavour in meeting our client's look & feel requirements with respect to the Moodle LMS, we found that there was looping need that had to be catered to, all the time. Most of the Moodle installations across many universities, schools and institutes require branding of their LMS. Using this service it will be an easy 5 Step Process. And the best part is, it is FREE 
Clara James

What is A/B Testing in WordPress Themes? - 0 views

    A/B testing, split testing or bucket testing is a method of marketing testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples in order to improve response rates. A classic direct mail tactic, this method has been recently adopted within the interactive space to test tactics such as landing pages, banner ads and emails. The questions of this can happen in WordPress is asked often and rarely answered.
Tania Sheko

Reading Trails | featured trails - 0 views

    a featured trail of reading trails - books on a theme, eg. books to read before you die, post-apocalyptic books, etc.
Jeff Johnson

Shmoop Literature: Summary, Analysis, Themes, Characters, Paper - 1 views

    Summary, notes, guides, and analysis of themes and characters for English Literature homework.
Mary Ann Apple

Official Google Docs Blog: Spruce up your surveys: 70 colorful themes - 0 views

    new themes for Google forms
Kathleen Cercone

themes - Navigation - 11 views

    great css code
Martin Burrett

1950s music themed animation - 0 views

    1950s music themed animations I made as a backdrop of a school theatrical production. Best viewed as 800x600.
Ace Web Academy

Comparison of Top 3 Content Management Systems | Ace Blog - 0 views

    Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are all free in cost, easier to access with free themes and they also have free plug-ins. All the 3 CMS are build PHP and are based
    Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are all free in cost, easier to access with free themes and they also have free plug-ins. All the 3 CMS are build PHP and are based
Martin Burrett

Dino Dig - 0 views

    A fun dinosaur archaeologist themed coordinates game. Find the correct coordinates to uncover the dinosaur bones.
Judy Robison

World Maps - 76 views

    If you think that the website Maps of World offers a huge collection of maps, you would be correct. If you guessed that the maps were of continents, nations, states, and cities then you would be right about that as well. What I discovered about Maps of World that I didn't expect was the amount of facts and information that accompanied their maps. Included with each map is the history, the demographics, the economic data and other useful facts of the continent/nation/state you looked up. They also feature road maps, printable maps, route planners, railroad maps, physical maps, and "Top Ten" themed maps. Maps of World is a great site for maps but it is so much more, it is a useful tool for learning about nations and their history. notes from Michael Sheehan
Martin Burrett

Our Wellbeing Journey - 0 views

    Never has the theme of wellbeing been so much in vogue! And it's really no surprise why. The presence and prevalence of the wellbeing 'movement' is growing fast among the teaching profession and beyond. As teachers, we have one of the most privileged and fulfilling roles - to nurture, engage, inspire, and motivate the children we teach. It's a profession full of dedicated, talented people who commit so much of themselves striving to make a difference, to have an impact.
Martin Burrett

December 2016 UKEd Magazine - 0 views

    Free online education magazine to read or download (PDF) This issue has a 'Teacher Network' theme.
Martin Burrett

August 2016 UKEd Magazine - 0 views

    Free, open access online education magazine. This month's theme is 'wellbeing'. Magazine can also be downloaded as a PDF.
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