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Gaby K. Slezák

Sonicaid - Music for working cycles - For teachers - 12 views

    Play this music during work cycles - one hour of relaxing positive instrumental music
Paul Beaufait

Skype Announces Collaboration with Prominent Organizations to Further Empower Teachers ... - 21 views

  • Skype in the classroom strives to enrich students' learning experiences to discover new cultures, languages and ideas without leaving the classroom. 
  • Skype in the classroom strives to enrich students' learning experiences to discover new cultures, languages and ideas without leaving the classroom.  Skype in the classroom now features each individual organization's dynamic content, projects and available guest speakers
  • To join Skype in the classroom and view these exclusive resources, teachers should: Sign up at using their Skype account details Create a profile which includes their interests, location and the age groups they teach Once complete, teachers will have full range to explore the Skype in the classroom organization microsites, utilize vast content from these organizations and engage in conversations with select guest experts. For more information or to register for Skype in the classroom, please visit
    Press release about Skype in the classroom
Judy Robison

Free online photo editor - - 33 views

    a free online suite of extremely powerful multimedia tools that can be used by learners to help gain 21st century fluencies. The suite includes a sophisticated image editor that can be used to create from scratch or for modifying exiting images, a vector editor, an effects editor, a color editor, an image markup tool for screen captures, a Firefox extension for doing quick screencapture, a versatile audio editor, and even an amazing music creator.
    Welcome to my website thi truong bat dong san DAT BINH DUONG you'll have new look into Vietnamese real estate. Dat Binh Duong | Mua Ban Nha Dat | Dong Do Dai Pho | Can Ho Anh Tuan
Tero Toivanen

Creative Commons for Music Educators - 47 views

    Information about images, sounds, videos and more... (via @Skip Z)
Martin Burrett

Cut mp3 online - - split, trim mp3 tracks - 20 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 22 Jun 11 - Cached
    Free Online MP3 Cutter
    A very simple, but useful site that cuts the length of mp3 tracks.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Marc Lijour

It's Time for the Recording Industry to Stop Blaming "Piracy" and Start Finding A New W... - 11 views

  • filesharing is not the reason that the recording industry has fallen on hard financial times. In fact, the recording industry’s complaints that the sky is falling really only apply to the recording industry, and not musicians and the fans, who have seen increased music purchases, increased artist salaries, and the availability of more music than ever before.
  • the London School of Economics released a paper finding that while filesharing may explain some of the decline in sales of physical copies of recorded music, the decline “should be explained by a combination of factors such as changing patterns in music consumption, decreasing disposable household incomes for leisure products and increasing sales of digital content through online platforms.”
  • the music industry is thriving
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • the LSE paper points out that in the UK in 2009, the revenues from live music shows outperformed recorded music sales.
  • Another recent study, this one by the Social Science Research Council, delves into international aspects of "piracy," especially in emerging markets, and finds unauthorized filesharing in some developing economies has actually created opportunities for media companies to come up with innovative business models that allow legal and widespread access to media goods.
  • Sales of CDs have fallen, but the overall music business, including performance, has grown
Dimitris Tzouris - Nudge - 19 views

    Create music using your mouse.
mbarek Akaddar

UJAM - 17 views

  • UJAM is a cloud-based platform that empowers everybody to easily create new music or enhance their existing musical talent and share it with friends.
mbarek Akaddar

Mixlr | Broadcast Live, High Quality Audio. Musicians, Bands, DJs and more. Windows and... - 25 views

    Essential tool for broadcasting live, high-quality audi
mbarek Akaddar

Mougg - Your Music in the Cloud - 34 views

    Store your Entire Music Library in the Cloud, Unlimited access from Any Computer or Device from Anywhere in the World.
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