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Martin Burrett

Measuring Angles - 0 views

    A basic looking but useful angle measuring activity. Measure with a virtual protractor and choose the correct answer from a choice of three.
Nigel Coutts

Aligning assessments with the purposes of our teaching - The Learner's Way - 7 views

    We rely on an assessment measure without taking a close look at what it is measuring and we obfuscate the information we need to evaluate the utility of these measures by reducing the results to numerical values.

Bus Shelter Advertising Agency | Bus Stop Advertising |Bus Stop Ads - 0 views

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Christina Sherrill

bill nye - measurement - SchoolTube - 0 views

    Metric measurement video

Lexile Measures Help Readers Grow, and Help Parents and Teachers Know - 0 views

    Lexile measure is a valuable piece of information about either an individual's reading ability or the difficulty of a text, like a book or magazine article
Martin Burrett

Inchy Picnic - 0 views

    A picnic themed measuring game. Move your ant around the course by inputting the inches to travel. Play full screen at
Ehsan Ullah

How To Measure Your Typing Speed? - 0 views

    One of my blogger friend told me about a website which has a lot of cool featured and the site is recently revamped in which you can measure your typing speed easily.
mbarek Akaddar

Live vs. distance learning: Measuring the differences | Around the Web | - 16 views

    Live vs. distance learning: Measuring the differences
Maggie Tsai

Measurement tutorials & lessons - 0 views

  • Tutorials, lessons and guides to mastering the measurement concepts in math.
Martin Burrett

Reading scales - 0 views

    A great resource to practise reading scales, dials and measures.

Buy Trustpilot Reviews - 100% Safe and Permanent 5 star Rating - 0 views

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started by tpreview on 15 Jul 20 no follow-up yet
Angel Lee

Reputed Indian Web Development Services: - 1 views

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web2.0 technology resources

started by Angel Lee on 13 Jun 13 no follow-up yet
Martin Burrett

Scale Challenge - 0 views

    This is a useful sport themed maths resource about measuring and estimating decimals, scales and place value.
Martin Burrett

Sailing Challenge - 0 views

    Measure and estimate angles with this nautical-themed site.
Martin Burrett

Angle finding with Protractor - 0 views

    A great flash based angle finding and protractor whiteboard resource. See a variety of angle measuring activities and use the virtual protractor to solve them.
Martin Burrett

Find the Area & Perimeter - 0 views

    A maths whiteboard resource about area and perimeter. Watch an explanation and then complete randomised questions with a virtual ruler to measure.
Paul Beaufait

A Sociological Eye on Education | Rigor mortis - 7 views

  • The challenge is to state education policymakers across the country who have hitched their teacher-evaluation systems to measures that seek to isolate teachers’ contributions to their students’ learning: Develop clear and consistent guidelines for assigning teachers to rating categories that take into account the inherent uncertainty and errors in the value-added measures and their variants.
  • If policymakers aren’t willing to take measurement error into account in a defensible way in teacher-evaluation systems, don’t talk to me about rigor—rigor is dead.
    Pallas expounded on "rigor" in teacher evaluation.
Thomas Galvez

Measuring 21st-century skills - New resource helps teach 21st-century skills - 0 views

    Free online guide maps digital-age skills to social studies projects and tasks
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