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Nigel Coutts

The false dichotomy of The want to vs The have - The Learner's Way - 4 views

    We struggle to achieve balance with so many parts of our lives. We see things in dichotomies and try to weigh one against the other believing that we must give time to one and not the other. This tendency to see things in often false dichotomies leads to the problem of the "want to' vs the 'have to'. Unfortunately, when we are faced with this dilemma we often make a choice in favour of the 'have to' but we chose this option for the wrong reasons.
Isabelle Jones

SEO 2.0 | Twitter Dilemma: To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Pros, Cons, 50+ Links & Tools - 0 views

    introducing Twitter and showing the pros and cons through linked posts from a variety of blogs
Ebey Soman

Religion and Ethics: Impossible Choices - 0 views

    Impossible Choices presents the story of two women pregnant with fetuses that had major defects, each had to decide whether to give birth or terminate the pregnancy. This is the story of Leslie, who is from Virginia, and Mary Jo, who lives in New Jersey - both church going women faced with a moral, ethical and religious dilemma.
Ihering Alcoforado

Trojan Horse or Adaptive Institutions? Some Reflections on Urban Commons in Australia *... - 0 views

    The rubric of 'new' commons signals the re-assessment of old dilemmas about resource management and collaborative action in new social, spatial and technological settings. Urban commons feature in the expanding register of new commons, but there has been little analysis of the meaning and application of the concept. This article explores the urban commons in an Australian context, focusing on the provision of social infrastructure. While noting criticism of the concept's imprecision and ideological valency, the article argues that the urban commons offers new perspectives on public resources, urban governance and sustainability.
Nigel Coutts

Ideas - The Learner's Way - 14 views

    Ask any teacher what they wish they had more of and the most common answer is likely to be time. Schools are inherently busy places and there is always much to be done. We all want to meet the needs of every student, add value to their education with breadth and depth, ensure adequate coverage of the curriculum and include aspects of play and discovery. Add up all that is done in a day over and above face-to-face teaching and you can only wonder at how we manage to fit it all into the time we have. So is there an answer to this dilemma, is there a secret method to finding more time in our schedules to achieve all that we want to?
Ebey Soman

Religion and Ethics: Down Syndrome - 0 views

    Down syndrome is a genetic disorder (involving an extra copy of chromosome 21) that leads to moderate intellectual disability, as well as a range of physical and health problems. Screening for Down syndrome during pregnancy can be done in a number of ways. The religion and ethics program presents two different women and the tough decisions they had to make after screening their babies for Down Syndrome. Are their actions morally right? or ethically allowable? or religiously authorized?
intermixed intermixed

Ray Ban Occhiali da Sole Gran - 0 views

0435/489207) uno dei migliori della Regione. Sono questi tre ottimi motivi per non attraversare distrattamente Vodo di Cadore alla volta di Cortina, ma, invece, concedere a questo centro l'attenzio...

Ray Ban Occhiali Craft da Sole

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sophiya miller

Overcoming Challenges in Virtual Learning: A Student's Perspective - 4 views

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, virtual learning has become a cornerstone for students pursuing various courses. As technology advances, online classes offer unparalleled flexibilit...

takemyclasscourse college university student education

started by sophiya miller on 06 Dec 23 no follow-up yet
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