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Ebey Soman

Religion and Ethics: Down Syndrome - 0 views

    Down syndrome is a genetic disorder (involving an extra copy of chromosome 21) that leads to moderate intellectual disability, as well as a range of physical and health problems. Screening for Down syndrome during pregnancy can be done in a number of ways. The religion and ethics program presents two different women and the tough decisions they had to make after screening their babies for Down Syndrome. Are their actions morally right? or ethically allowable? or religiously authorized?
Tom Daccord

Lifehacker - Exercises That Protect Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Ergonomics - 0 views

    Exercises That Protect Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Peter Horsfield

Mackenzie Bearup - Extraordinary People Changing the Game - 0 views

    Mackenzie Bearup may seem unfortunate for having been diagnosed to have an incurable disease known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She, however, did not let this disability keep her from doing extraordinary things, like providing kids with distraction to help them cope with their emotional distress and physical pain. After discovering how books made her feel better despite the pain, she started a book drive that is now known as Sheltering Books. She just turned 18, so we could expect more good deeds from this lovely young lady who's in pain yet still managed to think of others. To read more about Mackenzie Bearup visit
Peter Horsfield

Extraordinary People - Jacob Barnett - 0 views

    Jacob "Jake" Barnett is only 15 years and yet he's already taking his Master's Degree in Physics at Waterloo's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, a prestigious institution funded by the inventor of Blackberry. Thought by specialists to be incapable of speaking and reading after having been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Jacob surprised them when he turned out to have an IQ higher than Einstein. But while Jacob's intellect can be quantified, his mother's love for him remains boundless.
Ted Curran

[Must Read!] Advice for Small Schools on the LMS Selection Process | e-Literate - 0 views

  • Migration is inevitable:
  • Migration can be an opportunity:
  • All of these systems are pretty good: It’s easy to get worried about making a “wrong” decision and picking the “inferior” product. The truth of the matter is that, given the needs of your institution (both present and foreseeable future), any of the major systems available in the US that I have some familiarity with (ANGEL, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai) will provide you with adequate functionality.
  • ...14 more annotations...
  • Accept the possibility that you may have Stockholm Syndrome:
  • If you are an LMS support person, then it is likely that you are too close to the day-to-day operations to have good perspective on all aspects of how well your current system is meeting your school’s needs. Make sure you get input from people with a broad range of experiences, roles, and perspectives.
  • All of these systems are pretty bad:
  • all of these systems will probably fare pretty well. But part of that is because our expectations are low. The state of the art in LMS design is frankly not great.
  • Having a system with 39,000 seldom-used features that require a course to learn how to use is not as valuable to you as having a system with 39 features that most people will find useful and can figure out how to use on their own.
  • You may not be a good judge of usability:
  • a system seems easy to use once you know how to use it.
  • Your current faculty LMS heroes may be the worst judges of usability: There is nobody on your campus more likely to have Stockholm Syndrome than the faculty member who taught her first online class using your current LMS, has never used anything different, and has devoted literally hundreds of hours to optimising her course—squeezing every ounce of value out your current system by exploiting every weird little feature and even figuring out how to turn a couple of a couple of bugs to her advantage. There are ways in which her perspective will be extremely valuable to you (which I’ll get to shortly), but judging usability is not one of them.
  • Somebody who has taught using multiple LMS’s could be a good judge of usability: Faculty members who have taught using 2 or 3 (or more) LMS’s generally have some sense of what differences between platforms really matter and what differences don’t in a practical sense.
  • The quality of the support vendor is almost certainly more important than the quality of the software:
  • Don’t assume that you know what the deal is with open source:
  • Your relationship with your LMS is not that different than your relationship with GMail or Yahoo! Mail. It’s hosted on somebody else’s servers; you don’t know anything about the details of the software—the programming langauge it’s written in, how much of it is open source, what the architecture is, what hardware it runs on, etc.—and you don’t care.
  • What matters to you is that the thing that appears in your web browser works reliably and does what you need it to do. Go to the open source LMS support vendors. Tell them what your requirements and capabilities are. Either they will be able to meet your needs or they won’t. Don’t decide in advance of getting the facts.
  • Don’t worry too much about the long-term financial viability of the vendors:
intermixed intermixed

designer de sac long champ pas cher La - 0 views

La seconde est que le vainqueur consacré, vieille gloire de 42 ans, est aussi l'un des piliers de l'ex-Parti communiste, tout juste rétabli au pouvoir. Les Mongols crient leur dégoût pour «les tric...

designer de sac long champ pas cher soldes

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Ebey Soman

Poisons in The Well: Exposure, Health Effects and Remediation of Arsenic and Manganese ... - 0 views

    In 2005, New York Times published an article titled "The Lethal Water Wells of Bangladesh" by David Rohde and this raised the interests of Dr. Graziano and his team to investigate the arsenic poisoning in the Bangladeshi wells that World Health Organization called the "largest mass poisoning of a population in history."
Jeff Wells

Nine Elements - 4 views

  • Users need to understand that stealing or causing damage to other people’s work, identity, or property online is a crime.
  • Hacking into others information, downloading illegal music, plagiarizing, creating destructive worms, viruses or creating Trojan Horses, sending spam, or stealing anyone’s identify or property is unethical.
  • Digital citizens have the right to privacy, free speech, etc.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Digital Health & Wellness:
  • Eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, and sound ergonomic practices
  • psychological issues that are becoming more prevalent such as Internet addiction. 
  •   Digital Commerce:   electronic buying and selling of goods. Technology users need to understand that a large share of market economy is being done electronically. Legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring, but the buyer or seller need to be aware of the issues associated with it. The mainstream availability of Internet purchases of toys, clothing, cars, food, etc. has become commonplace to many users. At the same time, an equal amount of goods and services which are in conflict with the laws or morals of some countries are surfacing (which might include activities such as illegal downloading, pornography, and gambling). Users need to learn about how to be effective consumers in a new digital economy. 
    The handout from this morning's session with Troup
intermixed intermixed

polo ralph lauren Ça n'es - 0 views

polo ralph lauren homme pas cher

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intermixed intermixed

longchamp pliage pas cher chocolat Une - 0 views

Dominique de Villepin a présidé hier soir à Matignon une réunion interministérielle sur la grippe aviaire. D'ores et déjà, une zone de protection d'un rayon de 3 kilomètres a été mise en place auto...

sac longchamp pliage pas cher ebay chocolat noir

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sophiya miller

Unraveling the Complexity of HIV/AIDS: A Deep Dive into Diagnosis and Immunology - 2 views

In the vast landscape of medical challenges, HIV/AIDS stands as a formidable adversary. This blog aims to explore the intricate web of this immunodeficiency disorder, shedding light on both its dia...

takemyclasscourse university college student

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