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gino carpio

10 Social Media Mistakes (Part 2) | clickTRUE Blog - 10 views

    Many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and getting on social media platforms but many companies, despite being matures users of social media, still make mistakes. Part 1: | Part 2:
Willis Wee

3 Possible Reasons Why Digg Has More Men Than Women - 3 views

    it's consumer perception that led to Digg being the only site dominated by the males.
Markus Eberius

digg stops shouting | - 0 views

    digg stops shouting Since today digg doesn't allow shouting anymore. What was a "shout" ? If you submitted an article or you find a good article at digg you could share this article with your friends. For sharing the article you sent a "shout" to them. If you wanted to communicate with one of your friends you could sent him a "shout" (message).
my mashable : Save and Share Tweet, Facebook and Digg from Your Mobile - 0 views

    People today read latest topics and updates via mobile phones. Reading the tweet, Facebook updates and your favorite Digg is possible in phone, but still share the information is still challenging for for phone app makers. Recently i read about, it offers simple social sharing and bookmarking tool that proves especially useful for iPhone and other smart phone users.
my mashable

StumbleUpon Enhances Web Toolbar for Personalized Web Stumbling - 0 views

    StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. StumbleUpon allows users to web stumbling for the first time
my mashable

Google Gadgets : "What's Popular" Find Popular Items Over Internet - 0 views

    iGoogle gadgets interact with the user and utilize the Google Gadgets API. Some gadgets developed for Google Desktop can also be used within iGoogle. The Google Gadgets API is public and allows anyone to develop a gadget for any need. iGoogle recently added a new gadget named " What's Popular". It seems to be similar to Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon. where you can vote the web pages and add content you find interesti
Graham Perrin

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Google Juice & Page Views: Or How I Learned... - 0 views

  • best practices
  • framed and linked directly to source content via the DiggBar
  • content-provider-friendly
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • search engines continue to count the original source
  • unmodified links
  • always represent the source URL as the preferred version of the URL to search engines
  • noindex
  • content providers have experienced
  • traffic bumps
  • symbiotic
    Intereesting reading. Thanks to Jeremy Gollehon for the reference.
yc c

[Wikio] - 0 views

    Wikio is a user managed news search engine. It watches, real time, thousands of news sources, gathers hundreds of thousands of stories every day and classifies them by their topics in a multi millions documents database. information classification is based both on its relevancy and on its members popularity who vote, discuss or even write new stories.
Jungle Jar

Working With Digg Buttons And Badges - 0 views

    Whether you're working with adding the buttons to have your articles submitted to (dugg) using basic XHTML and CSS or using dynamic Wordpress PHP code, this article will show you how to do it while keeping your XHTML valid under the strict doctype.
Social Media Power

Social Media Newsrooms: The Ultimate Web 2.0 Tool for Your Business | Social Media Power - 0 views

    A social media newsroom is one place to send the media, prospective clients, book reviewers, or anyone who wants to know all about you, your business, or your book. This is a great explanation of SMNRs with examples.
Social Media Power

The Power of Crowd-Sourced News Aggregators - 0 views

    How to use news aggregators to get your messages out to many potential readers or clients.

Digg / News - 0 views

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