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Frederik Van Zande

Build a customizable RSS feed aggregator in PHP - 0 views

    RSS (Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) has been around since the mid-1990s. Over the years, several variants of the RSS format have popped up and several claims have been made about its ownership. Despite these differences, RSS never ceased to serve its usefulness in distributing Web content from one Web site to many others. The popularity of RSS gave way to the growth of a new class of Web software called the feed reader, also known as the feed aggregator. Although there are several commercially available feed aggregators, it's easy to develop your own feed aggregator, which you can integrate with your Web applications. You'll appreciate this article's fully functional PHP code snippets, demonstrating the use of PHP-based server-side functions to develop a customizable RSS feed aggregator. In addition, you'll reap instant benefits from using the fully functional RSS feed aggregator code, which you can download from this article.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Streamy Takes Social Media Aggregation to the Next Level - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    Streamy can easily become a great alternative to Google Reader and Tweetdeck. It's already one of the most fully-featured social media aggregators we have seen.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Skimmer Brings Your Social Streams to the Desktop | Webware - 0 views

    Skimmer (download) is a new social aggregator powered by Adobe AIR. It supports Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger, and lets you stay abreast of the latest content from each of those services. Everything gets sucked up into a single stream (a la FriendFeed), which you can then sort out by service, keyword, or group of friends.
Graham Perrin

7.4 aggregated Content distribution - Pubsubhubbub | Google Groups - 0 views

  • aggregated Content distribution
  • the client model for processing a single vs. aggregated distribution might be quite a bit different
  • nervous about the whole notion of PuSH co-opting <source> for its own purposes
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • provenance
  • when you copy an entry from any feed document other than that feed document whose metadata is in the entry's atom:source
  • no way to indicate from which feed document you copied the entry unless you insert some extension element
  • it *is* important to know not only the source feed but *also* where you found the entry
  • Atom spec didn't envision this use case
  • atom:source is almost, but not quite, what's needed
  • confusion is understandable
  • something like a psh:provenance element
  • most recent context
  • like atom:source
  • not aggregate at the PubSubHubbub level until you've proved that
  • (a) you have to
  • (b) multipart/related won't cut it
  • the PSHB use case *was* frequently discussed in the Atom WG
  • pretty much what FeedMesh was intended to provide
  • to show provenence, you need to add an extension element
  • war stories about multipart/related and batching
  • skeptical about ease of subscriber implementation
  • This thread is a great example of peer review
  • I'll file an issue in the bug tracker
Graham Perrin

Draft: PubSubHubbub Core 0.2 -- Working Draft - 0 views

  • PubSubHubbub Core
  • 0.2 -- Working Draft
  • base profile is HTTP-based
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Polling sucks
  • decentralized pubsub layer
  • fundamental
  • missing layer in the Internet architecture
  • looking forward to decentralized social networking
  • Aggregated Content Distribution
  • Aggregated Content Distribution When a subscriber indicates the same callback URL is used for multiple subscriptions, hubs MAY choose to combine content delivery requests into a single payload containing an aggregated set of feeds.
  • Example aggregated feed
Thieme Hennis

storytlr | your life online - 0 views

    an aggregator for different services, nice interface, presented like a blog
Diego Morelli

News Aggregators & Online Search on Newsflashr - 0 views

    On you can track all the latest news among a variety of newsaggregators, all from a single site: a useful tool for web searches of any kind.
Social Media Power

The Power of Crowd-Sourced News Aggregators - 0 views

    How to use news aggregators to get your messages out to many potential readers or clients.
Thieme Hennis

Silobreaker: Welcome - 0 views

    news aggregator. advanced technology.. interesting.
Norton Antivirus Support Number

1-800-485-4057 Norton Antivirus support number - 0 views

    We have specialists who comprehend the inward workings of Norton Antivirus items and the requirement for aggregate security. You have to get in touch with us on our Norton Antivirus support phone number as 1-800-485-4057 and also visit us on websites as

Kerala car rentals Service In Cochin - 0 views

    Kerala cabs n tours Car Rental is an online cab booking aggregator that aims to provide affordable and safe taxi services to travellers. Kerala car rentals provide competitive Intercity Taxi Booking Service, cabs for outstation travel as well as intercity local cabs.
yc c

The Ultimate List: 100+ Facebook Statistics [Infographics] - 15 views

    With more than 500 million users Facebook has become the dominant player in the social networking industry. As marekters and business owners it is important to understand how potential customers are using Facebook in order to determine the best methods of communicating with them to build trust and facilitate customer aquisition. Our own Dan Zarella has done some great research into Facebook usage for his upcoming Science of Facebook Marketing webinar. This post aggregates many of his awesome statistics along with those from other organizations.
Henk Nouwens

20 ways to being a bigger friendfeed monster than Guy Kawasaki - 0 views

    20 key features of friendfeed and how to use them to be an aggregating social media monster!
Mike Chelen

archivesz - Google Code - 0 views

    provide a way to enable visualization of aggregated metadata about archival collections - and support filtering of this information to isolate archival collections of interest
Mike Chelen

Deki Wiki | Open Source Alternative - - 0 views

    MindTouch Deki Wiki is the Web's most popular commercially supported wiki platform for creating content and mashups using a wiki interface. The free, open source application is an easy to use program for authoring, aggregating, organizing, and sharing almost any kind of content. Enterprises can build online communities and in-house Intranets, create collaborative applications, or add wiki capabilities to existing applications. Deki Wiki includes a state-of-the-art WYSIWYG editor, integration with the LDAP, and open source providers like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Mambo. Deki Wiki is also a platform for building collaborative Web applications that access functionality or data from anywhere on the Internet. Its flexible architecture even allows wiki capabilities to be added to existing applications regardless of the underlying language or technology.
Jungle Jar

3 Web Applications That Submit Your Posts To Social Bookmark - 1 views

    Submitting your content to a bunch of social bookmarking communities such as reddit, digg, and delicious by hand sucks. Below is a list I've aggregated of some pretty decent web applications to submit your website's links to social bookmarking communities with.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Twickie | Easiest Way to Archive a Twitter Response Thread! - 1 views

    View just your own tweets. Get @s to view all your replies. Then, easily view, easily export, easily create blog posts.
Michael Marlatt

Why Filtering is the Next Step for Social Media - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

  • Confusing Aggregation With Importation With so many different platforms to aggregate, noise levels are surging.
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