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Graham Perrin

rich text "fields" - Google Wave API | Google Groups - 3 views

    Note: discussion of annotations.
    Whether 'annotation' in the Google Wave Protocol sense is comparable to annotation in the Diigo sense, I don't know
Graham Perrin

Annotation - 7 views

  • metadata that augments a range of text in a Document
    Note: annotation — — within the API.
    Whether 'annotation' in the Google Wave Protocol sense is comparable to annotation in the Diigo sense, I don't know
Graham Perrin

Google Wave Data Model and Client-Server Protocol ‎(Google Wave Federation Pr... - 1 views

  • Stand-off annotations are pointers into the XML document
  • Documents form a tree
  • independent of the XML document structure
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • represent the rich text messages in a wavelet (casually known as blips)
  • are typically invisible
  • data documents
  • text documents
  • for example, tags
Graham Perrin

Google Wave Federation - 1 views

    Jochen Bekmann, August 2009 - PDF
Graham Perrin

Marginalia - 18 views

kumar app

Top 20 Christmas Wallpapers of 2009 - 8 views

    With Christmas coming up, its time to create some Christmas articles here on Levoltz. Today I've collected Top 20 Well Designed Christmas Wallpapers, to give you the Christmas feeling when you are working on your computer. You can download the full size wallpapers by clicking on the small examples y
Graham Perrin

co-ment - web-based text annotation - 8 views

  • co-ment : Web-based text annotation
  • write or upload your own texts, submit them for comments and process the comments
  • source code for the full functionality of the co-ment service is distributed as free software
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • upload any document (MSWord, RTF, OpenOffice Document)
    • Graham Perrin
      It is only the new version (to be deployed in the coming weeks, most likely in January 2010) that markdown is the pivot format and you will be able to use the "latex to markdown" conversion of pandoc to upload texts. With the present version, the best solution is either: - Through OpenDocument and upload, which is a pain when you start from lyx, as lyx to OpenDocument does not work well. - By generating HTML from lyx, displaying it in a browser, creating a new text in co-ment ( and cutting and pasting from the browser to the edition window in co-ment. This is ugly as a method but works well if you don't have images.
  • or write it directly with your browser
  • work privately on your text with a few chosen collaborators
  • or open the commenting process to the public
  • use comments to improve your document and create new versions of your text
  • export your text (and all comments) in any format (MS Word, OpenOffice Document, etc.)
    "The co-ment 1 services operated on the site are now being phased out" -
Graham Perrin

comt - 0 views

  • Free / open source software Web-based text annotation system
  • COMT is the core engine of co-ment
  • eading Web service for text annotation
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • install and run a text-annotation Web service
  • rights are defined
  • can be specialized for each text
  • AJAX Web interface for displaying annotated texts
  • and for interactive annotation, commenting and discussion
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • structured text markdown format
Graham Perrin Proposed Salmon Protocol Aims To Unify Conversations on the Web - 1 views

  • October 17, 2009
  • Proposed
  • Unify Conversations on the Web
  • ...21 more annotations...
  • conversations that occur on downstream aggregation sites
  • parallel discussions on the originating Web site
  • services, including JS-Kit's Echo and Disqus
  • pulling external discussions to the source
  • Salmon Protocol
  • unify the conversations
  • upstream and downstream
  • in all places
  • An Initial Presentation
  • conversations where they are comfortable
    • Graham Perrin
      I'm most comfortable in Diigo.
  • multiple downstream destinations
  • leverages the newest iteration of webfinger
  • fractured conversations
  • send the new comments to the site which is lacking the full conversation
  • could cause confusion
  • implied (all data is public)
  • a test playground for the Salmon Protocol
  • turn this brand-new protocol into a new standard
  • a serious challenge to services like JS-Kit Echo and Disqus
  • including threaded replies
  • the long debate over unified conversations could soon be over
Graham Perrin

Unifying the Conversations (Salmon Protocol) - 7 views

  • Salmon Protocol
  • Unifying the Conversations
  • protocol for comments and annotations to swim upstream to original update sources
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • commentary in a virtuous cycle
  • user centric
  • demo running at the Salmon Playground
  • presentation: Salmon Real Time Commenting FlowSalmon Real Time Commenting Flow
Graham Perrin

DevHawk - The Last Mile of the Internet - 5 views

  • August 27, 2009
  • The Last Mile of the Internet
  • NAT/Firewall issue makes any async messaging based approach useless for clients
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • Polling sucks. We think a decentralized pubsub layer is a fundamental, missing layer in the Internet architecture today
  • a fundamental design that looks like this: This picture leaves out multiple publishers and subscribers and the subscriber registration process, but you get the basic idea
  • fine for server subscribers (like, say Google Reader) but not for client subscribers (like, say TweetDeck).
  • the only way to enable client subscribers to play in this async messaging world is via some type of relay service
  • In this approach, the client subscriber makes an outbound connection to some type of relay infrastructure
  • technically feasible
  • Yes, having to relay messages sucks. But the question is
  • which sucks worse: polling or relaying?
  • Harry Pierson
Graham Perrin

Superfeedr Blog : Getting Started with PubSubHubbub - 1 views

Graham Perrin

ComparingProtocols - pubsubhubbub - Comparison of PubSubHubbub to light-pinging protoc... - 0 views

  • Comparison of PubSubHubbub to light-pinging protocols
  • concrete differences between fat pinging (PubSubHubbub, XMPP pubsub) and light pinging (rssCloud, XML-RPC pings, changes.xml, SUP, SLAP)
  • core difference
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • how new information from feeds is delivered from a publisher to a subscriber
  • Light pings: Send the URL of the feed that has updated to the subscriber. Fat pings: Send the updated content of the feed to the subscriber
  • Green is good, red is bad
  • criteria to consider for each protocol
Graham Perrin

pubsubhubbub - Project Hosting on Google Code - 0 views

  • reference implementation
  • protocol
  • publish/subscribe
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • server-to-server
  • extension to Atom and RSS
  • web-hook-based
  • The protocol in a nutshell
  • hub(s) can be run by the publisher
  • or can be a community hub
  • If the Atom file declares its hubs
  • avoid lame, repeated polling
  • multicasts the new/changed content out to all registered subscribers
  • decentralized
Graham Perrin

PubSubHubbub FAQ - Google Moderator - 1 views

  • We envision people adding one line to their blog XML feeds
  • immediate participants in the pubsub world
  • simplifies things so much in almost all real-world use cases
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • using Atom
  • We love XMPP and we love REST
  • we love things actually working, even if it's not 100% ideal
Graham Perrin

Draft: PubSubHubbub Core 0.2 -- Working Draft - 0 views

  • PubSubHubbub Core
  • 0.2 -- Working Draft
  • base profile is HTTP-based
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Polling sucks
  • decentralized pubsub layer
  • fundamental
  • missing layer in the Internet architecture
  • looking forward to decentralized social networking
  • Aggregated Content Distribution
  • Aggregated Content Distribution When a subscriber indicates the same callback URL is used for multiple subscriptions, hubs MAY choose to combine content delivery requests into a single payload containing an aggregated set of feeds.
  • Example aggregated feed
Graham Perrin

7.4 aggregated Content distribution - Pubsubhubbub | Google Groups - 0 views

  • aggregated Content distribution
  • the client model for processing a single vs. aggregated distribution might be quite a bit different
  • nervous about the whole notion of PuSH co-opting <source> for its own purposes
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • provenance
  • when you copy an entry from any feed document other than that feed document whose metadata is in the entry's atom:source
  • no way to indicate from which feed document you copied the entry unless you insert some extension element
  • it *is* important to know not only the source feed but *also* where you found the entry
  • Atom spec didn't envision this use case
  • atom:source is almost, but not quite, what's needed
  • confusion is understandable
  • something like a psh:provenance element
  • most recent context
  • like atom:source
  • not aggregate at the PubSubHubbub level until you've proved that
  • (a) you have to
  • (b) multipart/related won't cut it
  • the PSHB use case *was* frequently discussed in the Atom WG
  • pretty much what FeedMesh was intended to provide
  • to show provenence, you need to add an extension element
  • war stories about multipart/related and batching
  • skeptical about ease of subscriber implementation
  • This thread is a great example of peer review
  • I'll file an issue in the bug tracker
Graham Perrin

magnetism - Project Hosting on Google Code - 7 views

  • hyperaggregator for social network activity
  • a hyper aggregation system for social networks
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