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Graham Perrin

rich text "fields" - Google Wave API | Google Groups - 3 views

    Note: discussion of annotations.
    Whether 'annotation' in the Google Wave Protocol sense is comparable to annotation in the Diigo sense, I don't know
Graham Perrin

Annotation - 7 views

  • metadata that augments a range of text in a Document
    Note: annotation — — within the API.
    Whether 'annotation' in the Google Wave Protocol sense is comparable to annotation in the Diigo sense, I don't know
Graham Perrin

Google Wave Data Model and Client-Server Protocol ‎(Google Wave Federation Pr... - 1 views

  • Stand-off annotations are pointers into the XML document
  • Documents form a tree
  • independent of the XML document structure
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • represent the rich text messages in a wavelet (casually known as blips)
  • are typically invisible
  • data documents
  • text documents
  • for example, tags
Graham Perrin

Google Wave Federation - 1 views

    Jochen Bekmann, August 2009 - PDF
Graham Perrin

Draft Protocol Spec (Google Wave Federation Protocol) - 1 views

  • Draft
  • Google Wave Federation Protocol Over XMPP
  • Anthony Baxter, Jochen Bekmann, Daniel Berlin, Soren Lassen, Sam Thorogood
  • ...22 more annotations...
  • omits details that we are unable to capture at this point
  • Each document has an id
  • Each wavelet is a container for any number of documents.
  • Each item has a key-value map of annotations.
  • Annotations are key-value pairs that span arbitrary ranges of the XML document
  • to represent text formatting, spelling suggestions and hyper-links
    • Graham Perrin
      … and annotations (page comments, highlights, stuck and floating notes) in the Diigo sense?
  • independent of the XML document structure
  • A document is a sequence of items
  • is composed of an XML document and a set of annotations.
  • Annotation keys and values are strings
  • each item conceptually has its own annotation map
  • more efficient to have just one annotation map for each consecutive run of items with the same annotations
  • serialization of the document without annotations into a string is not formally an XML document
  • current annotations update, which is a map of annotation keys to pairs (old-value, new-value), where old-value and new-value are either null or an annotation value
  • After the final component, the annotations update must be empty
  • Document operation components can be divided into four classes
  • do not directly affect the document or the cursor
  • annotation boundaries (annotationBoundary) change the current annotations update
  • interaction with annotations
  • Appendix A.  Protocol Schema
  • message AnnotationBoundary { // This field is set to true if and only if both ends and changes are // empty. It is needed to ensure that the optional annotationBoundary // component field is not dropped during serialization. optional bool empty = 1; // MUST NOT have the same string twice. repeated string end = 2; // MUST NOT have two updates with the same key. MUST NOT // contain any of the strings listed in the 'end' field. repeated KeyValueUpdate change = 3; }
  • optional AnnotationBoundary annotationBoundary = 1; optional string characters = 2; optional ElementStart elementStart = 3; optional bool elementEnd = 4; optional int32 retainItemCount = 5; optional string deleteCharacters = 6; optional ElementStart deleteElementStart = 7; optional bool deleteElementEnd = 8; optional ReplaceAttributes replaceAttributes = 9; optional UpdateAttributes updateAttributes = 10;
    Note: this draft of the protocol/specification mentions annotation.
    Whether 'annotation' in the Google Wave Protocol sense is comparable to annotation in the Diigo sense, I don't know.
Donna Baumbach

The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave - 13 views

    free ebook - 8 chapters and appendices
    Free! or purchase the hard copy!
Tamura Jones

Google Wave Jargon - 1 views

    Thanks for writing this: it is a simple and straightforward aide-memoire.
Graham Perrin

Google Wave - zotero-dev | Google Groups - 0 views

  • the Zotero team and community start to imagine the opportunities presented with Google Wave
  • shape the direction
  • the kind of foundation we would need
Graham Perrin

Introduction ‎(Google Wave Federation Protocol)‎ - 0 views

  • Google Wave Federation Protocol
  • for sharing waves between wave providers
  • anyone can build a wave server and interoperate
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • open source, production-quality, reference implementation of the Google Wave client and server
  • open federation endpoint
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