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John Evans

What is 'Sticky Teaching' and how does it work? - Daily Genius - 4 views

    "Trying to figure out if your lessons are resonating? Time to consider the idea of becoming a 'sticky teacher' and seeing how it works in the classroom. Here are a few quick tips that will help you understand how to make your lessons actually stick to your students' brains. These are the fundamental ideas and reasons behind sticky teaching - a fun term that will help teachers think twice about the most effective ways to truly connect with students."
John Evans

How Two Middle Schoolers Spread Holiday Cheer with 800 Sticky Notes | Edutopia - 3 views

    "Not very many people really know what it's like to do something that affects not only hundreds, but thousands. Some would say those with big dreams, simply put, are just dreamers. Others might say teenagers who dream big are trying to do something beyond their power. Many people would like to say they not only had that dream, but they accomplished it. Yet few actually can. We, Mary MartinezSmith and Damian Marlow, are proud to say we are two of those few people. The catch? We did it just by putting sticky notes with positive messages on every locker in our school. "
Phil Taylor

The Six Factors of Sticky - 3 views

  • Schools that utilize educational technology effectively do so in a strategic way.  A strategic methodology promotes sustainability, or long term use, where a deep understanding of how the technology supports learning can develop, further leading to even more effective application.
John Evans

Made To Stick Book Study - 4 views

    These are the resources I have pulled together for a series of book studies that we have done in our building with the book Made To Stick by Dan and Chip Heath.
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