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Phil Taylor

Canada boundary data - Fusion Tables Help - 2 views

    Interesting way to explore data.
John Evans

BBC - Computer Science: Problem Solved - 0 views

    "These resources are suitable for use with pupils aged 13-16.

    BBC Radio 1 presenter Dev looks at how computational thinking can help solve problems in the real world. Practical solutions, abstraction and algorithms, and encouraging digitally competent citizenship.

    Alongside each short film, there is more information about the content of the film, and suggestions of how it could be used in the classroom."
John Evans

Data Never Sleeps 5.0 | Domo - 1 views

    "Data is on overdrive. It's being generated at break-neck pace, flooding out of the dozens of connected devices we use every day, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the number of internet users has grown over a billion in the last five years, more than half of the world's web traffic now comes from mobile phones.

    In its fifth year, Data Never Sleeps shows exactly how much data is created every single minute. From tweets to swipes, likes to shares, the digital world is exploding. Have a look."
Keri-Lee Beasley

How to draw your own selfie - using your personal data - - 4 views

    Beautiful data visualisation art/mathematics project for students and link to fab TED talk "How we can find ourselves in data." Where art and data intersect.
John Evans

Here are the 10 skills you need to become a data scientist, the no. 1 job in America - ... - 2 views

    "Data scientists are in high demand, and command a median base salary of $110,000. Here are the skills you need to break into a career in the field, according to Glassdoor."
John Evans

When Being a Teacher is Like Being the Beatles in 1962 - Devin's Portfolio - 2 views

    "I was listening to Chris Molanphy's excellent Hit Parade podcast this week, which is based on his equally great Hit Parade column for Slate Magazine. In this episode, he details the circumstances that lead the Beatles to hold the still-unbeaten record of having the top 5 spots on the Billboard charts all at once. More remarkably, it's not that this feat was achieved through their own talent - it was almost entirely a snafu caused by the lack of interest in the Beatles by major labels. Indeed, much of the feedback they had received from labels and the American music industry was tepid at best and negative at worst. Dick Rowe at Decca Records cemented his place in history by declining to sign the Beatles, saying "Guitar groups are on the way out." He wasn't wrong - the data he had showed that there wasn't likely to be much of a return in signing the Beatles. Instead, Decca signed Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, who would cost them less money.

    And so, you're probably wondering how in the world this connects to education. When I look at this moment in history, I see a lot of talented people making choices which are informed by data. As teachers, we too need to look at data. It's how we understand our students better, and when used properly, can be influential in shaping our practice to make our teaching more effective. Certainly data is used as a summative tool, but it is most useful as a formative tool for students and teachers alike. How does the use of data in regards to the Beatles relate to teachers?"
John Evans

Digital Transformation And Data Will Change All Of Our Workplaces - Are You Prepared? - 4 views

    "Democratization of technological and data-driven enterprise are themes that are on everyone's lips. We've seen how top-down transformation, directed by business leaders working together with data scientists on strategically-aligned initiatives has the potential to create efficiencies, better understand business processes and predict problems before they occur. At least, if you are one of the still small number of businesses which is managing to do so successfully, you have.

    But imagine how much greater the potential for change could be if it could spontaneously emerge anywhere in an organization. When everyone has access to the tools, skills and knowhow to harness tech to do their job better, or drive efficiencies, then a workforce looks better equipped to deal with the challenges of the future."
John Evans

9 Infographic Tools For Creative Data Visualization - 0 views

    "Creating great infographics need not be a chore, no matter if you're a teacher or a student. Taking information and presenting it in an artful and visually appealing way has never been easier, thanks to the infographic tools you can use today.
    Before you dive in, here are some quick tips:
    Collect your data. If you have been collecting data, compile it all in a spreadsheet.
    Decide the best way to present your data (flyer-style, bar charts, line charts, Venn diagrams, histogram, scatter plot charts, flow charts, timelines, etc.).
    Design a rough sketch so you don't end up flying blind.
    Pick your app and get to work!
    Now that you've got basic tips on how to get started, it's time to get creative. Here are 9 great infographic tools to help you get started creating great infographics."
John Evans

(5) ways to keep the data on your iPad more secure | iPad Insight - 2 views

    "Security-it's on our minds more than ever before.  It seems like there isn't a week that goes by where we don't hear about some new exploit that allows someone to hack your most personal information.  With our mobile devices containing more of this  information with each new iteration, we need to stand up, take notice and do something about it.  Through our own due diligence we can monitor some of this information.  But what about our devices?  What can we do to keep our iPads, and our data more secure?"
John Evans

Menomonee Falls' use of data in schools draws national notice - 1 views

    "Menomonee Falls - Once every few weeks this past school year, kindergarten teacher Tiffany Fadin corralled her squirmy young charges at Valley View Elementary to get feedback about their recent math lessons.

    "What specific things did we do in this unit that helped you learn?" she asked recently. "What things did not help you learn?"

    Behind Fadin, data points flashed on a board, showing how many more students could add and subtract within five digits than in weeks prior. The exercise was deliberate, underscoring a major shift in Menomonee Falls that's training everyone to use data to make decisions, from teachers and custodians to kindergartners.

    The strategies employed over the past four years have attracted national - even international - attention to Menomonee Falls, including visitors from Sweden and researchers from the Carnegie Foundation. Other districts around the state and other educational institutions, such as the State University of New York, are taking notes.

    Armed with promising new outcome data, Menomonee Falls Superintendent Pat Greco said she believes what they're doing is working, and that the district is the case study for how K-12 systems can increase achievement and efficiency.

    And they're doing it by employing methods rooted not in education, but in the manufacturing and health care industries.

    "Teachers were reticent about posting student performance data. They were reticent to invite feedback from students," said Greco, who began engaging a small core of staff in the work in 2011.

    "Now, student performance is the highest it's ever been," Greco said."
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