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John Evans

MLA Citation Templates: Easy Infographic for Students - EasyBib Blog - 3 views

    "We understand that it can be difficult (and sometimes confusing!) for students to piece together their MLA citations. That's why we created an MLA format citation template for you to share, distribute, and/or post for your students.

    This infographic helps your students properly cite books, websites, online videos, online journal articles, and digital images in MLA format. While there are other variations for these citations, this template reflects the most common way to cite these source types.

    Whether you decide to use this in conjunction with a research project, place it on display in your classroom as a visual reference, or print it out so students can store it in their binders or notebooks is up to you. The possibilities are endless. We want your students to be responsible researchers, who acknowledge the work of original authors, which in turn prevents plagiarism. Hopefully, this template makes it easier for your students to achieve this goal.

Nik Peachey

Exploiting Infographics - Share and get a free copy - 5 views

    The book contains a wide range of suggested activities for both the creation and exploitation of infographics in the classroom.

    It also helps teachers with tips and advice on how to plan and create infographics and suggestions for which tools to use to produce different types of infographic.
John Evans

[Infographic] Discover Computational Thinking | - 2 views

    "Explore these engaging lessons from and see how you can seamlessly integrate Computational Thinking into standard curriculum."
John Evans

11 Must-Have Meal Planning and Nutrition Apps [Infographic] - 2 views

    "Eating healthy and staying fit can be a challenge. You want to eat right without sacrificing deliciousness or spending a fortune. You want to stay motivated to exercise and stay in shape.


    The good news is that tech can help. Handy apps can help you plan meals that are healthy, delicious and nutritious. Using these apps you can find recipes, check out nutrition information, plan grocery lists, schedule meal plans, track your exercise and more.

    This infographic shows 11 highly rated apps that can help you eat healthier and stay fit more easily."
John Evans

Use These 5 Steps to Learn How to Ask Good Questions [Infographic] - 2 views

    "Learning how to ask good questions is a cornerstone of learning and living. It's a practice we use every day. So much of our success in life depends on asking the right questions. So how do we actually do it? It's easy when you have a solid process.
    When we ask good questions in education, the benefits are immeasurable. It lets us clearly define problems and expectations. Students' research becomes more productive. They have better team communication. It lets them view challenges proactively. It encourages deeper reflection and better learning processes."
John Evans

10 Facts You May Not Know About Gifted Children But Should-Infographic - 7 views

    "Giftedness is a trait which is hugely misunderstood, even amongst professionals who should be in the know!

    These 10 facts from Celi Trépanier, author of Educating Your Gifted Child, are here to shed light on what giftedness really is. I hope they dispel some of the myths and misconceptions many believe about gifted children."
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