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Diana Cary

The Role of the Online Instructor/Facilitator - Reading 2-1 instructor role.pdf - 0 views

  • The facilitator must make participants comfortable with the system and the software that the conference is using.
  • This role involves setting the agenda for the conference: the objectives of the discussion, the timetable, procedural rules and decision-making norms.
  • Creating a friendly, social environment in which learning is promoted is also essential for successful moderating
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  • Certainly, some of the most important roles of online discussion moderator/tutor revolves around their duties as an educational facilitator
Joy Quah Yien-ling

Teacher as Facilitator - 1 views

  • Develop student learning opportunities. This takes into account the course documents, the teacher's personal theories of teaching and learning, the student’s interest, their preferred learning styles and their understanding and skills. It is in this area that the teacher as facilitator is able to provide opportunities for student learning that will take hold of the students' interests and thus motivate them to engage in the learning opportunity. Harrison (1998a & b) has presented the S.P.A.C.E. model for creating optimal learning conditions. The conditions for optimal learning include the following: Self-affimation – the learner’s view themselves as effective learners and the teachers provide them with feedback to that effect; Personal meaning – the learners are able to find personal meaning in the learning. That is, the learning is relevant to them; Active learning - the learners are active in the learning, whether that activity is physically doing something (as for concrete learners) or intellectually doing something (as for abstract reflective learners). Collaborative – the learners are able to collaborate with others in the learning process and not to view learning as an isolating experience; Empowering – the learners are able to shape the learning process, to have control over what is learnt and the direction of the learning.
  • The role of the teacher is diverse and has several orientations. One important aspect is that of facilitator of student learning. The facilitator attempts to provide circumstances that will enable students to engage with the learning opportunities and construct for themselves their understandings and skills. This role will interact with those of teacher as learner, colleague and community partner.
  • A student’s beliefs about the nature of teaching and learning will interact with a teacher’s beliefs. The teacher therefore needs to understand what students expect and are willing to do as well as what they themselves expect of the students.
    • Shoubang Jian
      I like this statement. I've never thought of the importance of a dialogue between student's and teacher's idea of teaching and learning.
    • alexandra m. pickett
      so, shoubang... how can an instructor understand what students expect? How will you understand what your students expect? What do you expect of your students and more importantly how will they know what you expect? What mechanisms have i used in this course to achieve both of these ends?
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    • Joy Quah Yien-ling
      Anticipating and providing students with space to make mistakes is important. Skills and knowledge take some time to assimilate. Packing a course too tightly may deprive students of the chance to experiment and explore and to reposition, when necessary.
    Learning and collaboration
    One mechanism you use, I think, to achieve this is to have all discussion and activity forums be completely open to all in the class. Thus the optimal learning conditions are created by creating open pathways for each person to see ways to deepen their thinking and get more from the course material.
    It is explicit in the expectations and get the most documents of the course what you expect from your students, and how they can succeed, that is important. But how the teacher know what the students expect I think it is more difficult, maybe asking them explicitly, and provide spaces for them to talk between them, to make comments and suggestions.
Geralynn Demarest

facilitator - 0 views

  • Role of Discussion Facilitator: Encourage and guide the discussion Be clear about the purpose and expected outcomes of the discussion Encourage participants to respond to each other as well as to the facilitator Recognize participants via private and public messages Share information and resources and encourage others to do the same Create a welcoming environment Tie together the threads of the discussion and summarize it Enforce the discussion group ground rules, if necessary Keep the discussion focused on the topic Clarify the questions and comments of participants, if necessary Act as an unbiased, neutral commentator Participate regularly, actively and thoughtfully Ask leading questions; resist being too chatty Decide when to resolve conflict/hostile interaction
    • Geralynn Demarest
      This is like a quick reference guide of things to remember when creating an online course and facilitating discussions.
    Quick reference for tips to keep in mind while creating discussions in an online environment.
    While creating my course, hiking101, I want to keep in mind the role of discussion facilitator. This source was found through Merlot, and provides a quick snapshot of things to remember.
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