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Diana Cary

EBSCOhost: Teacher's Role in Students-Centered English Intensive Reading Class in Chin... - 0 views

  • new students-centered pattern by which students are the main body of the class and the owner of their learning
  • the roles of the teacher, instead of as a controller and a dominant, should be played fully as a manager and an organizer
Diana Cary

The foundations and assumptions of technology-enhanced student-centered learning enviro... - 0 views

  • Learning systems are needed that encourage divergent reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • With the emergence of technology, many barriers to implementing innovative alternatives may be overcom
  • Student-centered learning environments have been touted as a means to support such processes.
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  • With the emergence of technology, many barriers to implementing innovative alternatives may be overcome
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Diana Cary

The Rewards of Effective Facilitation of Online Learners - 0 views

  • Today with electronic bulletin boards, discussion boards, e-mail discussion groups, or chat areas, online learning can be interactive.
  • To reach non-traditional students and to meet their educational needs around the world, more colleges are turning to distance education. Current instructional technology can potentially provide effective learner-centered, personalized education for non-traditional, non-residential students around the globe. As students and faculty move from traditional, on-site learning and teaching, they must learn to make the necessary adjustments.
Diana Cary

The Role of the Online Instructor/Facilitator - Reading 2-1 instructor role.pdf - 0 views

  • The facilitator must make participants comfortable with the system and the software that the conference is using.
  • This role involves setting the agenda for the conference: the objectives of the discussion, the timetable, procedural rules and decision-making norms.
  • Creating a friendly, social environment in which learning is promoted is also essential for successful moderating
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  • Certainly, some of the most important roles of online discussion moderator/tutor revolves around their duties as an educational facilitator
Irene Watts-Politza

ETAP640amp2012: Student-Centered Learning Requires a Happy Medium - 2 views

  • n order for true student centered learning to occur, learners must be guided in a particular direction to reach desired outcomes that are standards-driven and curricula aligned; to me, it seems that the student-centered part comes in the process and not the product of the learning.
    • alexandra m. pickett
    This observation answers the question, "How do educators satisfy local, state, and national requirements while still implementing a student-centered approach to learning?"
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