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yc c

Why for searching and diigo for bookmarking ? + IDEAS - 104 views

bookmarking checker ideas in manager searching spell tag the spam (electronic)

started by yc c on 17 Jun 08
  • yc c
    Hi diigoers!

    It's been a while I've been thinking about an idea to improve tag searching.

    Since all the many many many SBs (maybe 30 SB's ?) I've tried to use I now find myself bookmarking a bit with, a bit with Furl (for copies) and everyday with diigo.
    So diigo is the winner! BRAVO !!!
    It's the one I naturally find myself using. Thank you for this great service. :)
    But for searching, I still use !!!

    One of the great aspects about SB is that it's social: Humanbots - we're supposed to get a human indexed web.
    So the "search" side of SB's are crucial. Specially Tag search because they are defined by the humans.
    But the problem with the social aspect of tags are numerous : vocabulary, misspelling, language…
    Some say there should be no rule because everybody is free to put what he likes - OK I agree, but it means that a person who - for example - uses very few tags, or "personal home made tags" isn't thinking about sharing, so I won't count those (even if they does influence the popularity of a link, but that's an other issue)

    I'm thinking of those social - not spam - bookmarks I would like in my tag search results.

    Good tag search results also mean good tag managing, but as most don't bother about it I thought it would be nice to have some automated support.

    The "suggested" or "popular" tags on the "add bookmark" page is a good feature in that direction.


    Some ideas for the tag manager:

    - spell checker - and for obvious errors an automatic correction (eg. automatically remove triple letters like "acesss")
    - option to ignore singular and plural (some do use them on purpose and some don't) eg. a feature that would automatically put them together in one tag
    - synonym support. eg. advise similar popular tag ?

    For searching :
    - language support
    - file - media type support
    - wildcard support ?

    What do you think?

    Thanks and have a nice week!

    OTHER (problems) :
    I have difficulty loading diigo on a windows 2000 server. so an option to view lighter pages?
    In the tag manager I see tags that I had split in two are still stuck together as one tag.
    And I really need to know from what URL people post messages. I get some critics about a link but I don't know what link they are talking about.
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks. Those are good ideas. We will discuss them in the internal meeting and I will info you after we have a concrete plan.
  • yc c
    Thank you ! :-)

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