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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Richard Burton

Jeremy Gollehon

Is it possible for the Chrome extension to create a local bookmark like the firefox and... - 31 views

started by Jeremy Gollehon on 28 Oct 10 no follow-up yet
  • Richard Burton
    I agree with Jeremy. Finding local bookmarks in Chrome is one of its few weak spots at the moment. Yes you can type part of the bookmark you're looking for in the address bar but then you have to locate it in a long list of search results. I have pretty much shifted to Chrome as my main browser but I really miss Firefox's excellent bookmark management system.
Richard Burton

Save with highlights? - 46 views

highlight help Chrome bug Google Chrome feedback suggestion
  • Richard Burton
    Hi, new user. Just wondering if you can save a web page with highlighting on it. Use Google Chrome and was able to highlight a section the Bookmarked it. When I checked the page in Diigo highlighting was gone. Am I missing something?
  • Richard Burton
    It was a few days ago now, can't remember. It wasn't just one page, it was any page.
  • Richard Burton
    Google Chrome v5.0.375.125. Diigo extension v1.6.0.1.
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