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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jason Finley

Jason Finley

Facebook app - 20 views

Jesse Kim

Tools for Google Chrome? - 1515 views

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion
started by Jesse Kim on 03 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Jason Finley

Problem with "Invite by email address or friends on Diigo" - 38 views

  • Jason Finley
    I invited a few hundred people who attended a conference to join the follow up Diigo group. But, I only see 66 open invitations.

    Does this mean that only 66 invitations were sent? How do I know who received invitations or who received them and deleted them?

    I sort of need to know who got them and who didn't...or did they all get them and it is not showing?

    I sent then in groups of 2 to 15.

    Is there a limit on sending invitations?
  • Jason Finley
    Also, I'd like to invite more people...I invited a few yesterday...but am unsure if they went though. How do I know? Should I wait to invite more people?
Jason Finley

Group Moderation - 53 views

help groups
  • Jason Finley
    I need help with my new Diigo group. I don't want to have to approve every new member's bookmark and/or topic. How do I adjust my settings to let anyone add new content without having to moderate every new post?

    I have an educator account if that makes a difference
  • Jason Finley
    Thanks Sandy. I understand the rationale behind that...but for me, because we live in such an immediate world, I am afraid that by having to wait for moderation it discourages people participating. It would seem that the group creator should be able to choose to allow open access or force moderation.

    For me, it would be much easier to delete a marginal occurrence of spam than to have to accept every new member's first bookmarks/notes.

    Would it be possible for Diigo to change this for only my account? Diigo is going to be THE follow up resource for a statewide conference on education being hosted by the Rowland Foundation, with keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson, and closing remarks by the Governor of Vermont.

    It was my fault to assume that it would be accessible to only those people I have "formally" invited...our hope was this would become a central repository of information and communication for educators from across New England.
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