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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Fuzbolero .

Fuzbolero .

Option to sort bookmarks by name in groups - 54 views

started by Fuzbolero . on 20 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    (This has probably been suggested before. (or "worse", is it already possible? Cannot seem to find it.)

    Example: Diigo group that lists links and description for interesting modules at


    Later, when looking for a particular module/functionality, we will often have forgotten the name of the module, or there are more than one module that does the same thing. The "same thing" can be grouped by tags. That is one of the purposes with this. Since there are literally hundreds of modules, such a bookmark listing here at Diigo can be very useful, but only if it is possible to click to sort the bookmarks alphabetically.
Fuzbolero .

Pro-active planning: Group ownership transfer (co-ownership feature) - 40 views

started by Fuzbolero . on 30 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    In any given project, any member may (_will_...?) leave the project some time into the future. If that project wants to base parts of its information sharing upon Diigo, then there should be a way of transferring an ownership, and actually provide co-ownership of any group.

    It could also happen that a member dies or is left incapable of even doing such a transfer after an incident. So a co-ownership feature would solve such things proactively.
Fuzbolero .

Where can I find a list of my posts? - 59 views

  • Fuzbolero .
    Is there a place I can get a list of all posts in any forum/group that I have either submitted myself or commented on? Cannot seem to spot a (one) place of following up my own activity.

    Something like a "My activity" page.
  • Fuzbolero .
    Hi Vincent, thanks for the links.
    It looks like even if I am logged in, those links does not work for private groups, is that correct?
    The 3rd one is what I am looking for, but it would be very practical if it worked for all groups, also private ones, as long as I am logged in. Further, a related RSS feed would also increase both the efficiency and I believe help boost the activity level (quicker/easier follow-ups means more (frequent) interaction).
    Diigo is a great tool, with even greater potential, and you guys seem to be on a good track.
Fuzbolero .

Title-only block of group names on "My groups" page - 18 views

started by Fuzbolero . on 26 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    As the list of "my groups" is getting longer, it would be very practical with an alphabetically sorted list of only the group titles in the right sidebar.
Fuzbolero .

Creating group closes the submit window - 35 views

bookmark group sharing
  • Fuzbolero .
    I cannot seem to manage to create a group to post to (clicking on that option in the submit pop-up window). Doing that simply closes the window, the highlighting is gone and nothing happens.

    I am member of some "groups", and created one myself, but is "groups" the same In this context? None of the groups I am member of shows in that window's drop-down list. Only the "create new group" option.

    (Using Firefox
  • Fuzbolero .
    maggie_diigo wrote:
    > Sorry, I'm not exactly following you where the problem(s) is. Can you please elaborate more?

    Sure. When i "highlight and bookmark" an article or whatever, the normal window pops up where I fill in categories etc. before pressing the Submit button. In that window, there is a check box (deselected) that invites me to "Share to groups". When I check that box, the drop-down list becomes available, with only one option (as I dont have any such "bookmark groups" yet:

    That option is to create such a group on-the-fly. When I click on it, the bookmarking window closes, and I have to start over to add the bookmark. That window simply disappears (I have checked, it is not behind another window or whatever, it just sort of crashed, bu tnot firefox itself, only the bookmark window).

    PS. I have a LOT of Firefox extensions (currently 49, to be exact :-) - all "efficiency tools", no "fun" things), so it could be some clash with one of them. However, I currently dont have any problems with any of them on other sites. So i wonder if the bug is part of what is supposed to happen when I select "create a group".
  • Fuzbolero .
    This issue seems to at least in part be related to what I reported and described in the following post:

    As during that investigation I have understood how to get around this, I will await the multiple users issues to be fixed and create groups manually. I dont need to use that create groups feature so often, and that should not be higher on your todo list than the multi-user issues, so I choose to wait with this :-)
    (especially if it is indeed related to something in my profile and not a general bug, then no use digging into this now)
Fuzbolero .

"My posts" listing for following up on my forum posts - 29 views

email forum notification
  • Fuzbolero .
    I did not receive email about comments I received on my forum posts.
    Will this be possible soon?

    Further, is there a list of which posts I have made myself somewhere?
    (the latter is crucial, and even more so if there are no email notifications)
  • Fuzbolero .
    ok, thanks for the quick reply.
    What exactly is a follow-on message in this context?
    Should I not get your response to me on this thread automatically by email? I didnt, that is why I ask.

    Keep up the good work :-)
Fuzbolero .

Default category for quick-adding - 18 views

quickd tag
started by Fuzbolero . on 02 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    Efficiency is what draws me towards this service. It is way better than the others, but there are still things that can be made even easier.

    One is that when quickly adding a bookmark, without going through the form to fill in tags, I would like - or actually need - to be able to later go to a tag list of those that has been quickly added like that, so I can fix tags for them. However, I will have bookmarks that deliberately have no tags, so the "uncategorised list" does not address this particular concern. I would like to decide which category to use for that. I could even assign categories like "week34" for this purpose, and the next week increase by one number, then I can later go back and choose which week I want to. This adds another flexibility: If I dont want to fix the tags, but still find back what I quickly added, then very often I know roughly which week or month I added what "now" want to find back. So such an option would work very well also for that purpose.
Fuzbolero .

Secure login? - 39 views

started by Fuzbolero . on 03 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
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  • Fuzbolero .
    The next time I will use a public Wi-Fi network, how do I log into Diigo without sending my password openly over the network? I think that diigo should enforce (visible) SSL on all logins.
Fuzbolero .

Feature to follow threads here in the forum? - 17 views

started by Fuzbolero . on 06 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    It would be very practical (and help trigger more interactivity and learning) if there was a way of subscribing to interesting threads in the forum. Like - eh - a forum "bookmark" feature... ;-)

    (should have a practical list of only those bookmarks in that particular forum, and hopefully also email notification)
Fuzbolero .

Multiple users: The forwarding feature is mixing their signatures - 38 views

bug mulitpleusers
  • Fuzbolero .
    Hi, I have used two users here, one to post in English, and one for non-English content.

    I use Firefox' excellent CookieSwap extension that easily let me switch in and out of a set of cookies belonging to their own "session". That way I can stay logged into many sites with more than one login/user per site. Very practical for especially dealing with the common lack of multi-lingual support in most web services.

    I am not experiencing any bugs in that extension in any other web service, so this report is most likely caused by a bug in Diigo.

    When I am logged in with two users, switching session, and try to bookmark a feature by using the Forward/Email tab in the bookmarking popup window, then the signature placed under the quote in the body text area is in fact the signature of the other user. It still does everything within and "on/from" the correct user, but the emails have the username of the other user below the quoted / forwarded bookmark.
  • Fuzbolero .
    I think I have spotted something that is somewhat related, or can be relevant for the same "fix".

    It seems that the current design has not had multiple sessions/logins particularly in mind, for example regarding multiple users sharing the same compuber/login.

    The Diigo toolbar seems stick with the settings set the first time a specific feature was used.
    This obvioiusly has to do with how settings are stored. Several users that use the same browser with separate sessions will have some problems.

    In my case, I am the "several users". Which means I switch sessions relentlessly, very many times within the same browsing session during the day.

    The first time I used the diigo toolbar was with my "user1".
    When trying to use quickD with my "user2" in a different session, then the browser session controls that the bookmark is posted correctly in user2's bookmarks, and quickD works as expected, but when changing the default tag for quickD with user2, that also affects user 1. So they have to use the same tag or change it every session.

    Further, clicking on the "My bookmarks" button brings me to User1's bookkmark page even if I am currently logged in as user2. And that one seems not to be possible to change at all.
  • Fuzbolero .
    Ref. issue reporting that creating new groups from the bookmarking window does not work. Could this be a result of the lack of support for multi-user use, so that bug triggers when I indeed use multiple users with the same diigo toolbar?:

    PS. Got your email, will get back to you soon.

[Discussion] bookmarks access suggestion - 32 views

bookmark discussion feature
started by troy on 06 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    maggie_diigo wrote:
    > troycauble ,
    > Thanks for the input. What do other people feel about this? Pros vs. Cons

    Yes, would be a great improvement.
    I would especially like if I could add several filters to the main drop down, especially if they could have a set of categories per filter, not only one. Hmmm. That is in fact what I hoped the "bookmark groups" feature would bring, but I would also want to group across existing bookmark groups. But the bookmark groups should be available as filters there. But really useful if we could manage a list of such filters, not only one at the time.
Fuzbolero .

Suggestion: consider default categorisation, perhaps a separate issue tracker - 49 views

feature forum request
started by Fuzbolero . on 08 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    It would be practical to be able to follow up on exactly what we are looking for, so I suggest you make a short set of default categories for forum posts (in addition to the freetagging line), so that we also ensure that all get filed under either "feature" or "feature request", not some here and some there (similarly: "bug" or "bug report".).

    Then make that a single-select, and give it a column in the forum overview, plus a way to select/filter so we only get a list of for example "feature requests". When viewing, it should be possible to click on "next" and "previous" to get move between those within that category.

    Technically speaking, we are really talking about two beasts here: forum and "issue tracker". That is a practical separation, I think. Here you only have a partially working forum feature right now, and no issue tracking (at least not available to users).

    So I suggest taking a look at how it is set up at
    Example taken from the issue tracker at
    (see , for example):

    Categories: bug report, task, feature request, support request
    Priority options: critical, normal, minor
    Status options: active, fixed, wont fix, by design, closed, postponed

    (Hm, I wonder if it would be practical for you to even consider integrating Drupal CMS here, then all such things would be readily available and you could concentrate on the development of the core Diigo community features.)

    However, it would be great just to be able to select a default category per post, even with no issue tracking features: simply a drop down that we can choose either bug, feature, task, support or "open discussion" etc. from. And a way to filter on each of those.
Fuzbolero .

Exclusion of specific tags on users' main bookmarks listing (and main feed) - 27 views

bookmark exclusion feature quickd tag
  • Fuzbolero .
    I think it would improve the impression of the quality of the content if it was possible for us to exclude specific tags, especially the tag used with quickD, as those posts may need some extra tags or comments before they are suitable for the user's main tag listing. I can also see other reasons too why it would be useful to state in the profile which tags should not be listed in the bookmarks front page.

    PS. If something like the above gets implemented, we would need a new menu link to a full list of "all my bookmarks". My main motivation with this suggestion is to have some influence on how great my own bookmarks list looks to others, and also to exclude too-quickly-added bookmarks from the main RSS feed that others may use. Just as a qualty control, and it will give extra flexibility or activity too as we would be able to add more bookmarks with quickD, not having concerns of whether I want this particular link to show up on my follower's web sites.

    Notice that those bookmarks tagged with tags that excludes them from the main personal bookmarks listing are still available when clicking on the tags in the tag cloud. They are just not listed in the main bookmarks list.

    Thinking further on this, I guess that such a feature would be better if we could say that it applies only to bookmarks tagged ONLY with one of "those" tags (given in a user defined list in the profile) and not with any other tags (ie. single-tag posts). That would be very practical.
  • Fuzbolero .
    joel wrote:
    > How about we provide an option "Set QuickD as private by default". When this option is checked, all QuickD bookmarks are private. Then these bookmarks will not be presented when other people access your bookmark list.

    Yes, that would be a good start, that sounds like less work and quicker for you to implement too.

    But the other point here (further down the road) is to register tags or groups that can be used to keep public items away from the "main stream".

    Think of it this way:
    My main bookmarks listing is "my reputation" builder, or my "badge" (will get back to some other concepts around "badge" later as a different suggestion).

    I want the best bookmarks there (on my main page, the one my followers and any new visitors see first), and lots of other bookmarks appearing only when accessing the tag views (lists of bookmarks within a tag or tag group).

    The prouder I get from using this service, the more addicted I will be :-)
Fuzbolero .

Do you have a "business ideas" channel? - 40 views

general question
started by Fuzbolero . on 08 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    Even if I post most of them in the open forum, I also have some ideas that could be of business value and perhaps give a lead especially if it could be silently implemented and released as "news" instead of someone else copying and implementing it right before its finished here.

    I wonder if you shoule put up a dedicated "business ideas" email address or perhaps better - a forum where one can only see own posts and replies to them, so that the "Diigo gods" ;-) can communicate with the contributors without revealing it (yet) to the whole world.

    Feel free to contact me through my blog site about this, if you like.
    PS. If you do, I will insist on initially communicating to email addresses , so I have verified that you are indeed from Diigo :-)
Fuzbolero .

Bookmark import issues - 18 views

started by Fuzbolero . on 02 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
  • Fuzbolero .
    1. I have spent some time time bookmarking manually here today. That means "fresh meat". Then I decided to import my old bookmarks, but they were all placed _after_ my new bookmarks of today, none of them retained their date they had at site. Some are downright outdated, and it would be logical to see that if they retained their order and date. Now I wonder if I have to delete them all...

    2. Anyway, how do I mark "all" and delete them easily? (not only all on the current page, but _all_ ...

    3. It would be very useful if my tag-groups from were imported as groups here. Now I ended up with a much less useful long bookmark list, instead of conveniently grouped together as I had them at

    4. I exported the bookmarks I made here at diigo before the import. Now I wonder if I should delete them, and re-import them back in, if they were given new timestamps, they would at least appear up front before my import. But the import screen does not let me import from file it seems? There should be a way of backing up, tidying, and importing from file/backup, not only from web service...
    That particular issue is far more important than the above issue with lacking old dates. I dare not use this service if I cannot easily make a backup and just as easily re-import that file back here...

    This bookmark service certainly beats the rest of the pack, featurewise and efficiencywise.
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