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Fuzbolero .

Multiple users: The forwarding feature is mixing their signatures - 38 views

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started by Fuzbolero . on 06 Jun 07
  • Fuzbolero .
    Hi, I have used two users here, one to post in English, and one for non-English content.

    I use Firefox' excellent CookieSwap extension that easily let me switch in and out of a set of cookies belonging to their own "session". That way I can stay logged into many sites with more than one login/user per site. Very practical for especially dealing with the common lack of multi-lingual support in most web services.

    I am not experiencing any bugs in that extension in any other web service, so this report is most likely caused by a bug in Diigo.

    When I am logged in with two users, switching session, and try to bookmark a feature by using the Forward/Email tab in the bookmarking popup window, then the signature placed under the quote in the body text area is in fact the signature of the other user. It still does everything within and "on/from" the correct user, but the emails have the username of the other user below the quoted / forwarded bookmark.
  • Joel Liu
    We will look into it. Thanks
  • Fuzbolero .
    I think I have spotted something that is somewhat related, or can be relevant for the same "fix".

    It seems that the current design has not had multiple sessions/logins particularly in mind, for example regarding multiple users sharing the same compuber/login.

    The Diigo toolbar seems stick with the settings set the first time a specific feature was used.
    This obvioiusly has to do with how settings are stored. Several users that use the same browser with separate sessions will have some problems.

    In my case, I am the "several users". Which means I switch sessions relentlessly, very many times within the same browsing session during the day.

    The first time I used the diigo toolbar was with my "user1".
    When trying to use quickD with my "user2" in a different session, then the browser session controls that the bookmark is posted correctly in user2's bookmarks, and quickD works as expected, but when changing the default tag for quickD with user2, that also affects user 1. So they have to use the same tag or change it every session.

    Further, clicking on the "My bookmarks" button brings me to User1's bookkmark page even if I am currently logged in as user2. And that one seems not to be possible to change at all.
  • Maggie Tsai

    Yes, multiple users are not supported yet - on our To-Do list.

    Thanks a lot for taking your time to experiment and providing us with such detailed feedback. Really appreciate it.

    By the way, I dropped you an email earlier - pls check.
  • Fuzbolero .
    Ref. issue reporting that creating new groups from the bookmarking window does not work. Could this be a result of the lack of support for multi-user use, so that bug triggers when I indeed use multiple users with the same diigo toolbar?:

    PS. Got your email, will get back to you soon.

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