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Fuzbolero .

Secure login? - 38 views


started by Fuzbolero . on 03 Jun 07
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  • Fuzbolero .
    The next time I will use a public Wi-Fi network, how do I log into Diigo without sending my password openly over the network? I think that diigo should enforce (visible) SSL on all logins.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Yes, it's important and on our To-Do soon.

    thanks for your many good questions. Glad to have another power user on board :-)

    Welcome to Diigo community!
  • Graham Perrin
    For sign in via there's security (with a mixture of insecure content).

    For Diigolet, sign in via may be not secure.

    For other interfaces to sign in to Diigo, I don't know the routine.
  • Graham Perrin
 (2010 but not dated by UserVoice) is
    secure and encrypt network traffic between the client and Diigo servers

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