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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Carol Furchner

Carol Furchner

Problems with adding lists to new & existing bookmarks - 82 views

list bug help
started by Carol Furchner on 06 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Carol Furchner
    Since yesterday, I've been seeing two problems with lists.
    1. When I create a bookmark using the Firefox toolbar, no lists appear in the menu - can't assign a list to a bookmark from the add-on. I'm not seeing this problem with the Chrome bookmarklet.

    2. When I try to add a list by editing the entry online, the window pops up and it looks like it takes the list entry, but the list name does not appear below the bookmark entry in Library. I'm seeing this in both browsers.

    Using Windows 7; Chrome 17.0.963.56, Web highlighter 1.6.9; Firefox 10.0.2, Diigo toolbar
Carol Furchner

Power Note requests for bookmarks: more lists, tags, notes on bookmarks - 35 views

powernote suggestion feature
started by Carol Furchner on 17 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
  • Carol Furchner
    I've been using Power Note for Android on my Droid-X quite a bit, and I'd like to suggest some features that would make it even more useful than it already is:

    1. Increase the number of lists that can be seen on Power Note to at least 50, or more.

    I have a lot of lists, because I use Diigo to present lists of links for classes I teach. I can only see 26 of them in Power Note, despite a recent sync. So my suggestion is to increase the number of lists to which new bookmarks can be assigned in Power Note to at least 100, or even more.

    2. Download tags to the Android device, so that they can be selected after typing the first few characters, similar to the browser interface. I can't remember exactly how I word all my tags (e.g., video vs videos), so I end up with multiple tags for a single category.

    3. Add a "notes" field to bookmarks, so that they can be annotated using Power Note while the bookmark is open. Now I have to go back in later, with a browser, in order to annotate them.

    I'm assuming that Power Note is the same for all Android devices. While screen real estate is pretty limited on smart phones, there are a lot of Android tablets that could easily handle a richer feature set for Power Note,

Estef Fdez

Diigo toolbar not working properly - 253 views

bug toolbar Firefox
  • Carol Furchner
    I'm having similar problems with FF7.0.1 and Diigo The book icon problem is sporadic for me. In addition, it's not pulling in my lists and groups (these menus are empty), and sometimes it doesn't pull in my tags for auto-completion. If I want to add a bookmark to a list, I have to go to "My Library" and edit the bookmark from there.

    I don't see these problems with Chrome and its Bookmarklet.
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  • Carol Furchner
    This worked beautifully for a couple of days, but now it's back to the original behavior (for me) of no tags and no lists imported into the pop-up screen. This is now Firefox 8.0. (They're coming out with new releases so frequently, I don't know how anyone keeps up!)

    The bookmarklet on Chrome 15.0.874.120 is working as expected.
  • Carol Furchner
    Well, that's strange. About three hours after the above 11-15 post, the bookmark toolbar and popup in Firefox 8 is back to working as expected. FYI, and thanks, if someone fixed it!
  • Carol Furchner
    Loading tags and lists for me now (FF8, Chrome 15.0.874.121 m, Windows7). Thanks!
Carol Furchner

Power Note problems on Droid-X - 71 views

Android Power Note app
  • Carol Furchner
    I downloaded Power Note on my new Droid-X a week ago, and I've had nothing but problems! It looks like it would be a very nifty app, but... it's not working for me!
    1. I can't find any help screens or instructions (other than one on how to create a Diigo bookmark in this forum.) Do they exist? If not, why not?
    2. Notes that I create on the Droid don't show up under my Notes online. Notes that I create online don't show up on my Droid.
    3. In fact, I can't see ANY notes that I've created on my Droid - all I see in "My Library" are my bookmarks.
    4. I can only type in the "Title" field on the droid, not in the body of the note. That field is "dead." (This one might be a Droid problem, since I'm seeing the same thing in the Texting app - are you all using the same API?)

    I really hope that I'm just doing something wrong, but it would really help to have instructions!

  • Carol Furchner
    Weirdness abounds. I just tried something else in Power Note, and this time, the note showed up in My Library on the Droid - but not in the online version. And online notes haven't shown up on the Droid.
  • Carol Furchner
    Thanks for your reply. I only entered 4 or 5 notes, nowhere near 20, and I can't find them anywhere. I was able to see them on the Droid for a couple of days after I entered them, in My Library. After I synced to Diigo online, I could see my bookmarks that had been created online and on the Droid, but I couldn't see my earlier notes, either on the Droid or online.

    I had seen that link - I'm sorry, but it really isn't very helpful for guiding a new user through how to use Power Note. You need to provide some step-by-step instructions for creating, syncing, and retrieving notes, not just a series of screenshots.
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