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Carol Furchner

Problems with adding lists to new & existing bookmarks - 82 views

list bug help

started by Carol Furchner on 06 Mar 12
  • Carol Furchner
    Since yesterday, I've been seeing two problems with lists.
    1. When I create a bookmark using the Firefox toolbar, no lists appear in the menu - can't assign a list to a bookmark from the add-on. I'm not seeing this problem with the Chrome bookmarklet.

    2. When I try to add a list by editing the entry online, the window pops up and it looks like it takes the list entry, but the list name does not appear below the bookmark entry in Library. I'm seeing this in both browsers.

    Using Windows 7; Chrome 17.0.963.56, Web highlighter 1.6.9; Firefox 10.0.2, Diigo toolbar
  • Ann Lusch
    I have trouble with #1 above also, and have for a while now. Sometimes my lists are there, and sometimes they are not, as if I had never created lists. Just some dashes appear and I cannot add my bookmark to a list. I'm just about always on Firefox.
  • Daniel Spielmann
    And I do have problem #2 as well, which is somewhat annoying, as it takes the fun out of the lsit feature. Does anyone know a fix?

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