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Carol Furchner

Power Note requests for bookmarks: more lists, tags, notes on bookmarks - 35 views

powernote suggestion feature

started by Carol Furchner on 17 Jan 12
  • Carol Furchner
    I've been using Power Note for Android on my Droid-X quite a bit, and I'd like to suggest some features that would make it even more useful than it already is:

    1. Increase the number of lists that can be seen on Power Note to at least 50, or more.

    I have a lot of lists, because I use Diigo to present lists of links for classes I teach. I can only see 26 of them in Power Note, despite a recent sync. So my suggestion is to increase the number of lists to which new bookmarks can be assigned in Power Note to at least 100, or even more.

    2. Download tags to the Android device, so that they can be selected after typing the first few characters, similar to the browser interface. I can't remember exactly how I word all my tags (e.g., video vs videos), so I end up with multiple tags for a single category.

    3. Add a "notes" field to bookmarks, so that they can be annotated using Power Note while the bookmark is open. Now I have to go back in later, with a browser, in order to annotate them.

    I'm assuming that Power Note is the same for all Android devices. While screen real estate is pretty limited on smart phones, there are a lot of Android tablets that could easily handle a richer feature set for Power Note,

  • anonymous
    How about letting us see more then just the last 20 bookmarks? And combining all of the separate apps into one app that has the name "Diigo" on it? All of these separate apps gives Diigo an identity crisis.

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