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Carol Furchner

Power Note problems on Droid-X - 71 views

Android Power Note app

started by Carol Furchner on 07 Apr 11
  • Carol Furchner
    I downloaded Power Note on my new Droid-X a week ago, and I've had nothing but problems! It looks like it would be a very nifty app, but... it's not working for me!
    1. I can't find any help screens or instructions (other than one on how to create a Diigo bookmark in this forum.) Do they exist? If not, why not?
    2. Notes that I create on the Droid don't show up under my Notes online. Notes that I create online don't show up on my Droid.
    3. In fact, I can't see ANY notes that I've created on my Droid - all I see in "My Library" are my bookmarks.
    4. I can only type in the "Title" field on the droid, not in the body of the note. That field is "dead." (This one might be a Droid problem, since I'm seeing the same thing in the Texting app - are you all using the same API?)

    I really hope that I'm just doing something wrong, but it would really help to have instructions!

  • Carol Furchner
    Weirdness abounds. I just tried something else in Power Note, and this time, the note showed up in My Library on the Droid - but not in the online version. And online notes haven't shown up on the Droid.
  • sandy_diigo
    Currently only the latest 20 notes show up on the power note.They do not got lost. We will add the "load more" feature in the next iteration.
    As for help screens or instructions,there are some do exist on our website.
    We will add more instruction tabs to the interface of app so that it is much more easier for users to find help section.
  • Carol Furchner
    Thanks for your reply. I only entered 4 or 5 notes, nowhere near 20, and I can't find them anywhere. I was able to see them on the Droid for a couple of days after I entered them, in My Library. After I synced to Diigo online, I could see my bookmarks that had been created online and on the Droid, but I couldn't see my earlier notes, either on the Droid or online.

    I had seen that link - I'm sorry, but it really isn't very helpful for guiding a new user through how to use Power Note. You need to provide some step-by-step instructions for creating, syncing, and retrieving notes, not just a series of screenshots.

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