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John Lewis

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gmail2 hash tag suggestion

started by John Lewis on 24 Nov 07
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  • John Lewis
    Gmails version 2 now displays your emails with consistent urls. Because of this you can now bookmark a particular email. This is great as I use gmail as a database of research in various categories. I tried bookmarking, highlighting and adding sticky note using Diigo. It worked fine at first.

    The only problem is if you go out of the particular email you bookmarked and go back to it later the Diigo highlight and sticky note are gone. The only way to get it back is to refresh gmail avery time you want to view the Diigo highlights.

    This is very frustrating. Is there any way to make the highlights and sticky notes persistent at all times? If I could get this to work it will be a match made in heaven! In my opinion gmail and Diigo are the best research tools on the planet!!
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. That's quite interesting. Will ask our engineer to take a look (may not be right away since they are quite busy on some urgent tasks...)
  • John Lewis
    Thank you for your attention to this. I look forward to whatever results you find. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing at Diigo!!
  • anonymous
    Any outlook when this may be fixed? It would be a great feature if I can highlight content of my mail.

    By the way, another strange point about marking mail in Gmail is when I select highlight and bookmark, the URL for the bookmark is the general gmail book and not the one for the specific page, such as:

    Perhaps this is related to the reason why the highlighting does not appear again? I also cannot seem to change the URL location when bookmarking. I paste the actual URL but it still ends up saved.
  • Scott Colestock
    Just another vote for this feature - I'd love to highlight my emails in gmail2 given that they now have constant URLs. This would be huge.
  • Joel Liu
    We had extensive discussions. There are 2 issues on supporting highlight in Gmail

    1) The URL of an email contains # which is often used to indicate inner section.

    " In a URL the sign is used immediately after the URL of a webpage or other resource to introduce a "fragment identifier" - a name or id which defines a position within that resource or a section of the document. So, for example, in the URL the portion after the # (Other_uses) is the fragment identifier (a link such as this will take you to a section in a web page, such as the 'In other languages' section of this article). " from

    Diigo system ignores the strings behind # in a URL. By doing this, users can highlight different parts of the page and still keep them under the same URL.

    2) Gmail contains a lot of frames which bring some difficulties in highlighting the content.
  • Nick West
    Is there any update on whether this functionality might be added?

    I love Diigo and Gmail and would love to be able to bookmark specific Gmail pages!

    thanks for all your great work --

    Nick West
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Nick,
    This feature will be probably added soon. Stay tuned..
  • Jeremy Gollehon
    I can not wait for this feature.

    I'd love it for selling things on craigslist. Using the annotation sidebar to track who I've contacted and where we are in the transaction.
  • Graham Perrin
  • Jeremy Gollehon
    Graham, what do you mean by "seems to demonstrate support"? I'm a little confused.

    At some point diigo will need to support hash tags (#). It's becoming a popular way to deploy ajax pages that don't require reloading the page. Google and Facebook both use them. Here's a question I posted to stackoverflow a while back. The accepted answer explains the situation pretty well.
  • Graham Perrin
    Steering: summary topic
    Diigo bookmarks and annotations are URL-specific
    — in the eleven or more topics to which that summary refer, some of the discussion is repeated answers to the frequently asked question "Why can I not edit the URL of an existing bookmark?" (or words along those lines), some of the discussion is around #
  • Jeremy Gollehon
    Bookmarking pages with hash tags doesn't always work. This shouldn't be tagged as resolved everywhere. It does not work in gmail or facebook. It does work for google search results and the adobe site from that other thread.

    For anyone testing, most sites only present url's with hash tags when you are using Firefox 3.5.
  • Graham Perrin
    Thanks for the more detailed testing! Tags of this topic are corrected accordingly.

    > does work for google search results
    > and the adobe site from that other thread.

    Also for Google Groups as outlined (incidentally) at but I'm leaving that particular topic as resolved wontfix as it's more about Nabble and embedding than about Google Groups. Or if you have any input there please go ahead.
  • Graham Perrin
    > does not work in gmail

    Diigolet 4.0b14 with Safari 4.0.3 (6531.9) in Mac OS X 10.6.1 Build 10B504

    * does bookmark URLs correctly
      — so I can bookmark my Drafts mailbox, or a specific message

    * but highlights can not be drawn.

    > facebook

    Example URL please? Thanks. I'm less familiar with Facebook and as I'm speeding through in both Safari and Firefox I see no URLs with #

    Site-specific or browser/installation-specific issues might end up in separate topics. Depending on how Joel and co. wish to proceed.

    Thanks again
  • Jeremy Gollehon
    For gmail maybe it's a diigolet vs toolbar thing? If I try to run the diigolet in firefox it says "can't run because the Diigo Toolbar is installed" and I don't really feel like uninstalling just to test.

    In facebook, if you click on the Profile link in the top header, you should be taken to a page with a hash character. Mine looks like:
    but my profile isn't public so I don't think you can test it specifically.
  • Graham Perrin
    > uninstalling just to test

    If you use a Firefox on Windows I'd suggest either:

    * safe mode for the OS plus safe mode for Firefox
    * a second profile for Firefox.

    For the purposes of this type of comparative testing, I suspect that the profiles approach will be friendliest to you. You can leave your default profile intact with all preferred extensions.
  • Graham Perrin

    Logged in to Facebook using
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.5.3 with a profile without a Diigo installation, redirects to
    without a #

    If I run Firefox with a profile that includes installation of Diigo, again logged in to Facebook, visits to and redirect to and respectively.


    1. Rushed corrections to URLs broken by the forum/RoR. GrR.
    /me bumps to the surface!

    2. Striking through paragraphs that may be meaningless as a result of sodding bloody broken URLs.
  • Graham Perrin
    Weird, frustrating. Now using Firefox without changing the environment
    * does not redirect
    * presents MY Facebook profile, is that expected?

    (Presumably not
    an issue with Diigo, but it doesn't help!)

    @ Diigo, in addition, the breakage here of URLs makes it unnecessarily difficult to troubleshoot ;)
  • Graham Perrin
    G'dammit now I see that in my efforts to correct the breakages within the forum I've lost a character from what Jeremy wrote. Sorry Jeremy and all.

    /me bites lip
  • Graham Perrin
    Related problem:

    No visible URLs in my library, so I can't differentiate between multiple bookmarks for the same page.

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