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Kerry Hale

Real life stories | PureSight | Real Life Stories - 0 views

    PureSight Online Child Safety
Kerry Hale

The Teacher's Guide To Keeping Students Safe Online | Edudemic - 0 views

    • Kerry Hale
      see AUP
  • Bring parents into the conversation. Responsible use of the internet is not just for school hours and week days. Parents and caregivers need to take responsibility for talking about these challenges in the home, too.
    edudemic -online student safety guide for teachers
Michael O'Connor

Visual Learners | Online Learning Tips - 0 views

  • Visual learners learn best through their eyes.
  • If you find yourself doing a search for videos and podcasts then you should focus on tuning your skills in the auditory direction
  • Visual learners learn best through their eyes. In a traditional classroom they prefer to sit where they can best see what is going on in order to have an advantage when reading a teacher’s body language, studying charts and graphs, watching video, following visual presentations such as PowerPoint, observing demonstrations, and so on.  When learning online visual learners benefit from the ability to replay simulations or videos, trace an outline on the screen, note color coding, interpret pictures, and interact with a wide variety of interactive visual media.
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  • There are some tactics a visual learner can employ to maximize learning. These learning methods can include: constructing graphic organizers to represent information that may have been presented orally studying diagrams outlining notes locating sites or placing symbols on a map watching videos, demonstrations, simulations, and reenactments color coding notes drawing pictures to represent events writing summaries direct copying of notes and vocabulary using flashcards
  • Auditory learners attain information best through their ears. In a traditional classroom they tend to sit away from noisy distractions, where they can hear best the teacher or other instructional media such as video, recorded books, poems, or songs. 
  • They have an advantage in listening to lectures or relating to auditory cues.  When learning online auditory learners benefit from being able to replay recordings of lectures, videos, and other auditory sources of information. 
  • Tactile learners, sometimes referred to as kinesthetic learners, learn best through their hands. In a traditional classroom they prefer to be able to move around, touch objects, conduct physical experiments, perform reenactments, and change their physical proximity with learning materials.  When learning online tactile learners do not have a distinct advantage, but may recall spelling via the muscle memory of keyboarding.
Michael O'Connor

Teachers make money selling materials online - Yahoo! News - 0 views

  • While most characterize these sites as an inexpensive way for teachers to supplement textbook materials, some teachers may get pushback from administrators for their entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Seattle Public Schools' recently revised its ethics policy, with the new policy prohibiting teachers from selling anything they developed on district time, said district spokeswoman Teresa Wippel.
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  • she learned over the years that her colleagues — and their students — are only interested in professional-looking materials that offer the kind of information and instruction they need. Teachers are able to rate items offered for purchase or distribution.
  • Teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies, despite receiving a few hundred dollars a year for that purpose from their districts. Increasingly, teachers say, they are going to these curriculum sharing sites to look for materials like the ones Nannini and Jump made available because their funds go further than at traditional school supply stores.
  • Stephen Wakefield, spokesman for ASCD, a prominent teacher training organization that has a blog promoting ways for teachers to get help online, said no national organizations approve or rate the multitude of online curricula available to teachers. However many offer lists of places for teachers to explore, he said.
  • Smith says the website saves her driving time and cash, because she can buy only what she needs — not a $20 workbook filled with a variety of things.
  • She also likes the idea of supporting other teachers, not corporations.
Andrew Bratcher

Math Playground - Online Math Games that Give Your Brain a Workout - 0 views

    • Andrew Bratcher
      check out these activities!  
Andrew Bratcher

ghostadd2 - 0 views

    from a teacher at Shreve Elementary
Andrew Bratcher

Sticky Ninja Academy - Play it now at - 0 views

    fun thinking game/ puzzles
joe czalko

Online safety & civility | - 0 views

    blog and help with online saftey and students
Cory Hewit

Crackle - Watch Free Movies Online - Full-Length Streaming Movies - 1 views

    Free Streaming Movies Online! Completely Legal
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