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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Garth Holman

Garth Holman

What is PBL? | Project Based Learning | BIE - 0 views

shared by Garth Holman on 03 Feb 15 - No Cached
  • Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.
  • Significant Content
  • 21st century competencies
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  • In-Depth Inquiry -
  • Voice and Choice -
  • Need to Know -
  • Driving Question -
  • Critique and Revision -
  • Public Audience - 
Garth Holman

Pipes: Rewire the web - 0 views

    composition tool to aggregate, manipulate and mashup content from around the web.
Garth Holman

GameMaker: Studio | YoYo Games - 1 views

    Free for windows, mac cost.
Garth Holman

2013-horizon-report-k12 - Emerging Tech for Instruction 401 - 0 views

    Key Drivers of Educational Technology 2013-14  Lists 5, and significant challenges. 
Garth Holman

Chrome Smashing: Creating the Inconceivable | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Similarly, smashing multiple apps can lead to extraordinary learning artifacts, so why not apply it to Chromebooks? In four steps, we have the potential to create and share something entirely new.
  • As teachers, we should look to incorporate smashes because we want our students to demonstrate their understanding, to reflect on a process and to envision creating a learning artifact that was previously inconceivable. We want students to take ownership of their learning process, develop technology fluency (2), and identify the best possible means to "show what they know." When there are no limitations to what can be created with the available tools, then there are no limitations to how students can demonstrate their growth as learners.
  • Essentially, our goal as educators is to help our students develop into creators and innovators. When we know that smashing is a possibility and introduce this potential to our students, we not only empower them to take ownership of their learning process, but also teach them to go beyond the initial obstacles in order to problem solve for better learning and expression.
Garth Holman - 0 views

shared by Garth Holman on 09 May 14 - No Cached
    Articles uploaded and share.
Garth Holman

Jeffrey Luce - Profile - 0 views

    Example of how to use educreations for classroom use.
Garth Holman

Triptico - 0 views

shared by Garth Holman on 29 Apr 14 - No Cached
Garth Holman

Education Search by Noodle | Choose Better, Learn Better. | Noodle - 0 views

shared by Garth Holman on 22 Apr 14 - No Cached
    Spoke with developer and owner at ASU/GSV conference April 22, 2014
Garth Holman

Zoran Popović | Center for Game Science - 0 views

    Game  playing in school. Can we end homework and bring on the games. 
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