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Nick Martin

Ten Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses: Home Page - 0 views

  • Another way that color is sometimes used to convey meaning is to differentiate items in a list. For example, a professor may write the following: "All assignments in red must be completed in APA style." This poses a problem for students who are blind and students who are color blind. The use of color is not discouraged altogether. There are definite advantages for other students. It is possible to meet the needs of all of these students, as illustrated in this example:
  • 9) Convert PowerPoint™ to accessible HTML.
  • 10) If it's auditory make it visual; if it's visual make it auditory.
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  • Students who use assistive technology - Currently, some of the testing tools have compatibility problems with some screen reader technologies. This occasionally results in the screen reader program crashing during an exam. A good practice would be to have a mock exam available for students to try so that they will know ahead of time if their assistive technology will work with your exam. If it does not, an alternate version of the exam will need to be provided
    • Nick Martin
      Having a test exam for learners with disabilities is something that I never thought about before, but it is a great idea!
  • Black text on a white or light background is the most readable.
    • Nick Martin
      Black and white might sound really boring, but it does make it more readable!  I'm sure that we have all come across some websites with some wacky color combinations that make our eyes hurt :(
  • Teach students using a PC to right click on the content they wish to print and choose print. This will allow them to print only the content in that frame.
  • Use concise, meaningful text for links. Like this: Writing Good Link Descriptions Not this: Click here for information on writing good link descriptions
    This website provides good suggestions for making online courses accessible for both students with disabilities and without disabilities. This website also applies many of these suggestions in its actual design!
Lenna Black

Diagram Software to draw Flowcharts, UML diagrams & more Online | Creately - 0 views

    This is a great free program similar to inspiration.
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