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Alexis Jackson

Overview of Problem-based Learning: Definitions and Distinctions - 0 views

    2006 article from Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning
Katy Eyman

Copyright Law for Teachers: What You Need to Know About Fair Use, Making Copies & More - 0 views

  • Copyright Act contains a special exception for the educational use of copyrighted materials
  • make limited us
  • without permission for purposes such as teaching
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • Fair Use
  • case-by-case basis
  • court then considers these four factors
  • the purpose and character of the use
  • nature of the copyrighted work
  • amount and substantially
  • of the portion used
  • effect of the use upon the potential market
  • allows for multiple classroom copies of work.
  • Single Copies
  • Multiple Copies
  • What is Copyright?
    • Katy Eyman
      Please scroll down for more highlighted info.
Katy Eyman

Ohio's 2003 Academic Content Standards in Technology | Ohio Department of Education - 0 views

  • PDF below file allows you to view the Technology Academic Content Standards
    • Katy Eyman
      Please view PDF to see standards more in depth per grade level.  Page 43 begins standards by grade, but page 58  breaks it down even more
    • Katy Eyman
      Please view PDF to see standards more in depth per grade level.  Page 43 begins standards by grade, but page 58  breaks it down even more
  • Ohio's 2003 Academic Content Standards in Technology
Alexis Jackson

Why the Brain Prefers Paper : Article : Scientific American - 0 views

    • Alexis Jackson
      How does this change when we add technology such as diigo?
    Paper books versus e-readers.
Alexis Jackson

Teachers Homepage - National Geographic Education - 0 views

    Lesson plans, activities, projects, news for all grade levels
Alexis Jackson

NASA Education | NASA - 0 views

    Has sections for both educators and students. Lesson plans, projects, and news.
Anne Lackney

ArtLens | Cleveland Museum of Art - 0 views

  • Favorites (iPad) | You (iPhone) – Save favorite works of art and share through Facebook, Twitter, text and, email.  You can also create personalized tours which can be shared with other visitors.
  • Related Artworks –  Discover the hidden treasures in the collection from any object based on its collection, time period, and material, using the dynamic recommendation logic developed for the Collection Wall in Gallery One
    Art Lens- Cleveland Museum of Art's interactive app
Alexis Jackson

Mind Games : Article : Scientific American - 0 views

  • New research shows that video games have great educational potential.
  • Ninety-seven percent of American teenagers regularly play video games.
    • Alexis Jackson
      Need to find this study from M.I.T. Education Arcade.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • They found that students who went straight to the lecture did not know what to listen for, whereas students who played the game first had better context and greater motivation.
  • M.I.T. Media Lab developed a programming language, Scratch, that enables kids as young as kindergartners to build games. Microsoft has developed a similar tool called Kodu.
    Incorporating video games into education
Michael O'Connor

A Warning to Young People: Don't Become a Teacher | Randy Turner - 0 views

  • Teachers are being told over and over again that their job is not to teach, but to guide students to learning on their own. While I am fully in favor of students taking control of their learning, I also remember a long list of teachers whose knowledge and experience helped me to become a better student and a better person. They encouraged me to learn on my own, and I did, but they also taught me many things. In these days when virtual learning is being force-fed to public schools by those who will financially benefit, the classroom teacher is being increasingly devalued. The concept being pushed upon us is not of a teacher teaching, but one of who babysits while the thoroughly engaged students magically learn on their own
  • But there is no way that eighth graders' opinions should be a part of deciding whether I continue to be employed.
  • It is hard to get past the message being sent that our teachers are not good enough so we have to go outside to find new ones
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • Merit pay and eliminating teacher tenure, while turning teachers into at-will employees are the biggest disservice our leaders can do to students.
  • The teaching of history, civics, geography, and the arts have shrunk to almost nothing in some schools, or are made to serve the tested areas.
  • Even worse, in some schools weeks of valuable classroom time are wasted giving practice standardized tests (and tests to practice for the practice standardized tests) so obsessive administrators can track how the students are doing
  • . Pearson
  • received the contract to create the tests, has a full series of practice tests, while other companies like McGraw-Hill with its Acuity division, are already changing gears from offering practice materials for state tests to providing comprehensive materials for Common Core.
  • Common Cor
  • Why would anyone willingly sign up for this madness?
  • I cannot remember a time when the classrooms have been filled with bad teachers. The poor teachers almost never lasted long enough to receive tenure.
  • there are exceptions
  • here is nothing to stop administrators from removing those teacher
  • tenure
  • provide teachers with the right to a hearing. It does not guarantee their jobs.
  • Times have changed. I have watched over the past few years as wonderfully gifted young teachers have left the classroom, feeling they do not have support and that things are not going to get any better
  • That framework is being torn down, oftentimes by politicians who would never dream of sending their own children to the kind of schools they are mandating for others.
  • After all, what other profession would allow me to make $37,000 a year after 14 years of experience and have people tell me how greedy I am?
Jenny Sommers - 0 views

    interesting information
Jenny Sommers - What's your story? - 0 views

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