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Katy Eyman

WebQuests: Explanation - 0 views

  • online lessons created by teachers
  • inquiry-oriented online tool for learnin
  • involve group work
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • specific roles or perspectives
  • built around resources that are preselected by the teacher
  • USING information, not LOOKING for it
Katy Eyman

WebQuests: Explanation - 0 views

  • six critical components
  • goal of the introduction
  • is to make the activity desirable and fun for students
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  • engage
  • excite students
  • Task:
  • teacher finds resources
  • teacher devises an activity
  • incorporates the information
  • publish their findings on a Web site
  • collaborate in an online research initiative with another site or institution
  • create a multimedia presentation on a particular aspect of their research
  • Process:
  • Introduction:
  • description of the steps learners should go through
  • with links embedded in each step.
  • Resources:
  • list of the resources
  • resources embedded within the Process section,
  • non-Web resources can also be used
  • Evaluation
  • rubric 1 for evaluating students' work
  • clear goals, matching assessments to specific tasks
  • During the introductory stage of the WebQuest, it can be very helpful to point out three types of student examples: exemplary, acceptable, and unacceptable.
  • Conclusion
Katy Eyman

Ohio's 2003 Academic Content Standards in Technology | Ohio Department of Education - 0 views

  • PDF below file allows you to view the Technology Academic Content Standards
    • Katy Eyman
      Please view PDF to see standards more in depth per grade level.  Page 43 begins standards by grade, but page 58  breaks it down even more
    • Katy Eyman
      Please view PDF to see standards more in depth per grade level.  Page 43 begins standards by grade, but page 58  breaks it down even more
  • Ohio's 2003 Academic Content Standards in Technology
Alexis Jackson

Mind Games : Article : Scientific American - 0 views

  • New research shows that video games have great educational potential.
  • Ninety-seven percent of American teenagers regularly play video games.
    • Alexis Jackson
      Need to find this study from M.I.T. Education Arcade.
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  • They found that students who went straight to the lecture did not know what to listen for, whereas students who played the game first had better context and greater motivation.
  • M.I.T. Media Lab developed a programming language, Scratch, that enables kids as young as kindergartners to build games. Microsoft has developed a similar tool called Kodu.
    Incorporating video games into education
Jenny Sommers - 0 views

    interesting information
Jenny Sommers - What's your story? - 0 views

    official blog stuffs
Jenny Sommers

20 Tools for the Social Classroom (ages 5-18) « Centre for Learning & Perform... - 0 views

    a list. i like lists.
Jenny Sommers

Innovation Excellence | 10 Emerging Educational Technologies & How They Are Being Used ... - 0 views

    interesting... the photo looks familiar!
Jenny Sommers

Envisioning: Education - 0 views

    cool visual mapping of future emerging technology
Mr. D D

Apple - Education - Special Education - OS X - 0 views

  • Safari Reader reduces the visual clutter
  • strips away ads, buttons, and navigation bars, allowing students to focus on just the content they want.
  • converts text to spoken audio a
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  • students who benefit from hearing text rather than reading it can listen to assignments on their own time
  • ake snapshots and make short videos,
  • students who struggle with personal interaction — like answering a direct question
  • to express themselves through multimedia.
  • many aspects of learning
  • that are traditionally print oriented can be captured in a concrete, visual way.
  • writing both the visual and the audio elements of a script
  • more engaging
  • Text to Speech, students can have the word or a paragraph read aloud as they’re reading it onscreen.
  • students have quick access to definitions and synonyms to help with grammar, spelling, and pronunciation
  • print disabilities or cognitive challenges or are learning English improve their vocabulary and word-building skills.
  • It lets students who are home or hospital bound engage with the rest of the class.
  • FaceTime is also ideal for students who communicate using sign language.
    Great Apps for use with students with disabilities
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