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Katy Eyman

Copyright Law for Teachers: What You Need to Know About Fair Use, Making Copies & More - 0 views

  • Copyright Act contains a special exception for the educational use of copyrighted materials
  • make limited us
  • without permission for purposes such as teaching
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • Fair Use
  • case-by-case basis
  • court then considers these four factors
  • the purpose and character of the use
  • nature of the copyrighted work
  • amount and substantially
  • of the portion used
  • effect of the use upon the potential market
  • allows for multiple classroom copies of work.
  • Single Copies
  • Multiple Copies
  • What is Copyright?
    • Katy Eyman
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Garth Holman

A Collection of Great Interactive Sites for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobil... - 3 views

    Interactive websites by classroom 
Michael O'Connor

Education: The Single Most Important Job | Edutopia - 0 views

  • I was bored in school.
  • project-based learning, technology, and an enthusiastic teacher. I couldn't agree more.
  • When technology is deployed effectively, it can free up teachers from standing in front of the class and presenting information. We can "flip" the classroom (2) with lectures occurring at home via the Internet and rigorous project-based learning taking place in cooperative groups at school. In this environment, teachers can be guides and coaches to the students. What is more powerful in education than a student who is guided by an adult who truly cares -- someone who knows your name, who encourages you, and is committed to your success in life?
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  • engage students as active participants in their own education,
  • rather than passive recipients of facts and formulas
  • There is no other job more important than education. It is the foundation of our democracy. By seizing on what's working, and recreating those successes from one classroom to the next, we can make it better for everyone.
Lenna Black

Create timelines, share them on the web | Timetoast timelines - 0 views

    This is a fun program that is very easy to use!
Lenna Black

Diagram Software to draw Flowcharts, UML diagrams & more Online | Creately - 0 views

    This is a great free program similar to inspiration.
Michael O'Connor

Teachers make money selling materials online - Yahoo! News - 0 views

  • While most characterize these sites as an inexpensive way for teachers to supplement textbook materials, some teachers may get pushback from administrators for their entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Seattle Public Schools' recently revised its ethics policy, with the new policy prohibiting teachers from selling anything they developed on district time, said district spokeswoman Teresa Wippel.
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  • she learned over the years that her colleagues — and their students — are only interested in professional-looking materials that offer the kind of information and instruction they need. Teachers are able to rate items offered for purchase or distribution.
  • Teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies, despite receiving a few hundred dollars a year for that purpose from their districts. Increasingly, teachers say, they are going to these curriculum sharing sites to look for materials like the ones Nannini and Jump made available because their funds go further than at traditional school supply stores.
  • Stephen Wakefield, spokesman for ASCD, a prominent teacher training organization that has a blog promoting ways for teachers to get help online, said no national organizations approve or rate the multitude of online curricula available to teachers. However many offer lists of places for teachers to explore, he said.
  • Smith says the website saves her driving time and cash, because she can buy only what she needs — not a $20 workbook filled with a variety of things.
  • She also likes the idea of supporting other teachers, not corporations.
Lynn Wancata

Technology Integration for Teachers - Home - 1 views

    K - 8 
Lynn Wancata - An Open Marketplace for Original Lesson Plans and Other Teach... - 2 views

    teachers can buy, and sell, materials that they create
Jennifer Bernal

Free Technology for Teachers - 2 views

  • Crash Course is a small YouTube channel featuring a couple of short, fast-paced video lessons about World History.
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