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Feedback on Transforming HS Education Conference - 21 views

The Rowland Foundation and its Fellows are very much interested in the kind of dialog you mention. An initials step are the workshops that we are offering during the current school year (found on ...

Feedback Transforming HS Education Workshop

Michael Martin

Authentic Assessment - 12 views

Here's another great resource from an organization that is really questioning our national obsession with testing.

Keeping It Real: Authentic Assessment Authentic Assessment video

Jason Finley

Flipped Classrooms and Blended Instruction - 12 views about providing the lessons on DVDs for those that might not have computers in their homes. Or, thumbdrives for those with poor internet access.Or, QR codes for those students with more ...

julia taylor

Coaching a Surgeon: What makes top performers better? - 9 views

Great article. I'm wondering how often teacher-coaches are used in schools. This seems like such an effective professional development tool (if done well). Anyone know of coaches working in scho...

Coaching learning professional development

Jason Finley - 8 views

Hey Karen! Along these same lines I often think that schools should take advantage of the Vermont Senior Survey Part I: Planned Activities After High School that VSAC puts out.To me I wish that w...

career exploration

Jen Kravitz

The Secret To Germany's Low Youth Unemployment : NPR - 3 views

    Interesting story about Germany's apprenticeship programs and how it trains students on the job while paying them to learn.
    I have a great auto mechanic in town that has been working with one of our seniors. He offered the student the chance to run a project by himself this last week. The student is learning about state tax and calculating hours and part costs. His only remark to me, "I know now that I do not want to own my own shop." By the way, the mechanics in the shop call him a 'wrench'. No Boeing plant around here, but we are fortunate to have community members, who can offer struggling seniors a chance.
Susan Hennessey

Transformation: Redefining Public Education for the 21st Century | NH Department of Edu... - 7 views

    An inspiring look at NH's work toward transformation and policy change.
    One of the four stated goals is to "Help Higher Ed partner with K-12 schools." What ways can Vermont high schools work with our state colleges? For me, I'd like to see the opportunity for high school students to take all of their courses through CCV or other state schools their senior year.
Jason Finley

Proficiency-based Graduation Expectations - 10 views

Susan, A few years ago Moosalamoo Center at Otter Valley started the process of moving towards narrative report cards. At this same time we were moving to a more heterogeneously mixed group of stud...

Keeping It Real: Authentic Assessment assessment portfolios

Jason Finley

Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization - 11 views

    "There is a difference between personalization and differentiation and individualization. One is learner-centered; the others are teacher-centered."
  • ...4 more comments...
    Great chart to make you think about how we do what we do.
    Jason, Excellent chart - I have long appreciated the learning styles awareness inherent in differentiated instruction, but providing instruction in this way is highly teacher centered - and group focused. Feeding, encouraging, and developing students' individual interests spark the desire to learn and engage. I printed this chart immediately. Really appreciating your posts...personalization could be a "brand" for a school increasingly willing to transform in this direction. Anne
    Thanks Anne, The "brand" thing sounds very Corporate America to some, but I think that is is extremely important for schools...and not just because of the looming school choice issue. There is also a connection to community piece to this. To some it might come across as selling the school, where in actuality it is just the school identifying and clarifying what it sees as its mission and role in educating its students. I think that this starts with the perceptions and expectations of the community. What are those? Do they match the schools mission and action plan? ...They certainly should. Ideally when a school has an established brand it gives a sense of identity and pride in the school system by all stakeholders, provides a foundation and rationale for professional development, informs the community about what the school does well, gives students an idea of "Why?" to their education, and much more. Identifying and building a brand really is about moving away from the ambiguous and esoteric way we often speak of education and makes what happens in our schools clear, approachable, and embraceable to our communities.
    Having participated in several differentiated instruction trainings, and seen strategies executed successfully by trained teachers, I've found that sound DI includes much of the content listed under 'personalization.'
    Completely agree Adam! The chart is a little perplexing at times in its definitions/examples. How the first is Competency-based and the others must be Carnegie Unit based comparison…I just don't get. What I do like about the chart is that it makes me reflect on how I do what I do. And also on, "Do I do what I say that I do?" Sometimes I feel like I might begin implementing a strategy one semester only to have my application of that strategy drift as time goes by. Every now and then I think that it is necessary to take a step back and question each piece of my own professional practice. This approach comes from my belief that we need to question and challenge everything...especially those things we most believe in.
    Excellent point! Beliefs are like clothes. If we don't regularly take them off to wash them, we often mistake our own stench for what we perceive as someone else's.
Jason Finley

7 Skills Students Need for Their Future - 5 views

    Dr. Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard's Change Leadership Group has identified what he calls a "global achievement gap," which is the leap between what even our best schools are teaching, and the must-have skills of the future:Critical thinking and problem-solvingCollaboration across networks and leading by influenceAgility and adaptabilityInitiative and entrepreneurialismEffective oral and written communicationAccessing and analyzing informationCuriosity and imagination
  • ...2 more comments...
    The best 29 minutes you'll spend this week. Well worth your time. jf
    How are we assessing these skills? If we don't why not? What could be more important?
    Shared this a couple of months ago...worth another look.
    And we're thrilled to have Tony Wagner as the keynote for the Rowland Foundation's 2nd Annual Conference on School Transformation! You can preview The Global Achievement Gap here:
Critical Skills1

Information on the Critical Skills Program - 5 views

    This is a great catchall of information on the Critical Skills Program. Folks use the CSP as a big backpack to carry their work around 21st Century Skills, student-centered learning, differentiation and personalization.
Adam Rosenberg

Flipped & PBL - 4 views

I don't know of any; I would also like to see it in action.

blended instruction good teaching

Jason Finley

Vermont Department of Education : DOE Weekly Field Memo - 8 views

    "...the DOE Weekly Field Memo, a compilation of the messages sent to principals and superintendents in a single, concise format." This is a great way to keep up on coming events, courses, workshops, topics being explored at the state level, grant opportunities, and in general what is happening in education.
Jason Finley

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Projects | Edutopia - 4 views

    A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Projects Discover a project-based learning model that motivates students to pursue knowledge and drives academic achievement.
Jason Finley

Quest High School Rubrics - Demonstration of Mastery Discussion Guide - 4 views

    Electronic handouts to accompany Dr. Wagner's Rowland September 27 Rowland workshop. Tony Wagner, Ed.D. Innovation Education Fellow Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard
Lauren Parren

Commons 2.0: Library Spaces Designed for Collaborative Learning (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | ... - 4 views

  • information commons as a space for students to gather and work with technology
  • How well do these environments currently support social learning and promote collaborative work?
  • flexible design
  • ...16 more annotations...
  • Do they encourage creativity and discovery
  • Do they offer services and features that students don't already have
  • self-help graphics services
  • one-stop collaboratory for out-of-class assignments, writing, research, and group proje
  • social software
  • learning spaces should align with current pedagogy.
  • "environments designed for people" where the availability of food and drink, comfortable chairs, and furniture support a variety of active and social learning activities.3
  • "human-centered" design
  • modular clusters
  • multiple options for output
  • open, free, comfortable, inspiring, and practical
  • Wireless laptops give students the freedom to explore the commons or anywhere in the library—to group themselves as they see fit and not as decided for them.
    • Lauren Parren
      One of Laura's gifts!
  • his space should feel dynamic
  • inspiring
  • practical.
    Although a bit dated, this seems like a great example of the type of library we want to create.  Combine this physical space with inspiring, practical Professional Development and we're going to cook!
Jason Finley

iPrep Academy - My teacher is an App - 8 views

    A truly transformed school. Could be tweaked to include non-curriculars. Interesting collection. Video, article, slideshow.
Critical Skills1

The Critical Skills Classroom - 7 views

    Today's Post ("Something Greater") is my reflections on Sir Ken's comments last week as they connect to my work in schools.
Jason Finley

Education Endowment Fund - 3 views

    "Based on a review of the best educational research, the Toolkit is an independent and accessible resource which helps teachers and schools identify the most promising and cost-effective ways to support their pupils.Existing evidence shows that how money is spent in schools is at least as important as how much is spent."
Michael Martin

First Annual High School Transformation Conference - 3 views

    Here's a Burlington Free Press article about the conference keynote with Sir Ken, a truly great speaker.
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