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Roland Gesthuizen

Virtual Classrooms - 2 views

    "Learning how to "live" in a virtual world. Absorbing information. Setting up an Educational venue. What is a virtual world? A virtual world is "an online electronic presence that imitates real life in the form of a personal presence through someone's avatar (the alter ego which is a graphical representation of themself in the virtual world)". Sue Gregory "
    Interesting graphic on the front of this site that visualises some of the current and emerging tools for online teaching in higher education.
John Pearce

Virtual Software Tours - Simbeck-Hampson - 1 views

    "I would just like to know how 'it' works, what the benefits are, how complicated it is and what costs are involved? I wish there was someone who could give us a quick overview, a birds-eye view tour... " Using Skype you are taken on 45 minute tours of a range of software portals. Interesting
Tony Searl

Virtual Learning Network - Home - - 6 views

    The Virtual Learning Network (VLN) supports the concept of classrooms without walls, where students and educators have the flexibility to connect with their classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where a rich and diverse range of courses, programmes and activities, from early childhood through to tertiary, are offered by New Zealand-based educators.
Nigel Robertson

UEL Virtual Lab - 3 views

    A virtual lab to build experience with dilution, solution and lab technique.
dean groom

Second Life in Education - 0 views

    A very basic, gentle intro to virtual worlds given to academic staff (newcomers) during learning and teaching week. Sets out the affordances and social drivers that are seeing increasing use of Second Life in education
dean groom

Games for Change (G4C) -- home - 0 views

    real world games, real impact
dean groom

Virtual Heroes Inc - Serious Games - Serious Games and Advanced Learning Systems - Seri... - 0 views

    Realism, Retention and Relevancy… In a Virtual Heroes world, textbooks and lectures are replaced with complete interactivity, excitement and serious fun! Our Advanced Learning Technology (A.L.T.) platform has re-invented the way medical, military and corporate professionals can enhance performance and unleash potential. Our technology facilitates the linkage of learning objectives to measurable performance outcomes. Our studio's proprietary approach to interactive instructional design and experiential learning simultaneously inspires and educates. We invite you to explore our Website and your organization's untapped potential.
Sue Tapp

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