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UX to LX: The Rise of Learner Experience Design - 2 views

    "Instructional designers, like web developers in the '90s, historically had expertise in conveying content through a limited set of tools and platforms, such as a learning management system (LMS). LX designers, in contrast, merge design-thinking principles with curriculum development and the application of emerging technologies to help faculty tailor content to student behaviors and preferences. It cuts across disciplines and moves beyond the LMS: LX designers embrace graphic design, multimedia production, research-based standards and social media. They are partners to faculty throughout the program and course development process."

Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking: two-hour experiment as first round activity - 0 views

    Join a community of learners, do-ers and teachers. Journey through a Design Thinking experience, apply it in the real world, and go forth and teach others the methodology. This is a paired activity, so there must be an even number of participants. Internet connection, a large screen or projector with sound.

Gamasutra: 'You Have Died of Dysentery': How Games Will Revolutionize Education - 1 views

    Thought this was a nice easy read regarding a topic that comes up each year.
    We all know educational games should tackle more than memorization and that multiple choice questions offer a puerile level of analysis, but seems like we keep falling back into these two traps. Looking forward to tackling new projects that treat learning as the ally instead of the goal, and encourage exploration more than stepping through checklists. Just sharing because I enjoy chewing this stuff over all the time.
Karen Watte

Social Teaching by Design - Sample Assignments Using Social & Mobile Tools - 1 views

    Good selection of tools for online presentations, etc.
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