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Olivia Azar

Copyright in MOOCS - 5 views

    If you want to dig deeper in terms of copyright, this PDF might be helpful.
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    What copyright considerations effect MOOC? Are technology transfer issues at stake? Both discussed very nicely in this paper?
    The issue of copyright has always been a contentious issue long before the introduction of MOOCs. The debate, now that we have MOOCs in our midst will continue as we try to find a common ground. The issue on the table is fair play.
    The article addresses the copyright challenges in a MOOC environment. Very useful reading as it discusses the IPR issues we generally do not think of.

Frank Müller-Languer- Copyright and Open Access for Academic Works. - 0 views

This has been one of the best academic research I have found this semester on Copyright and Open Access, and how we should balance both of those to give as much incentive as possible for knowledge ...

open access copyright open knowledge academic works

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The Creators' Copyright Coalition - 1 views

    Article Title: The CCC Position on Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act

Clearing Up the Copyright Confusion: Fair Dealing and Bill C-32 - Michael Geist - 1 views

    Description: "Fair dealing has played a prominent role in the hearings on Bill C-32, with education and creator groups debating the merits and impact of the proposed reforms.  Unfortunately, much of the discussion has confused rather than clarified the issue with misleading claims about potential losses, inaccurate comments on copyright and Internet materials, and dubious arguments about the compliance of the reforms under international copyright law."

COPY-ME Web Series - 0 views

    "Copy-me is an animated web series about the sharing of knowledge and open culture. About laws, myths and misconceptions, about the Internet and all the benefits of sharing." The idea was artistically and satirically presented using animation series for better understanding and appreciation of the audience.

2014 Special 301 Report - 1 views

    "This Report reflects the Administration's continued resolve to encourage and maintain adequate and effective IPR protection and enforcement worldwide." The report focuses on trade, copyright infringements, and the need to protect the products of creativity. The report discusses the subject globally. It is an extensive report that highlights the increased awareness of copyright protections and cooperation among different countries to legislate against infringements. Very helpful to see the scope of intellectual property rights concerns.

Do the Copyright Thing: Your Use of Origin Images to Sell Coffee May Be Unlawful - 3 views

    "You've seen it countless times on bags, coffee shop walls and on coffee company websites: The image of a farmer picking ripe coffee cherries, designed to connect consumers to the origin of their coffee and perhaps even provide a face for farmers themselves", RoastMagazine. My question: Do you think a coffee grower could sue any of these companies?
Sergej Lugovic

Public library project - what you think about this approach ? - 0 views

    It's one of those almost invisible infrastructures that we start to notice only once they go extinct. A place where all people can get access to all knowledge that can be collected seemed for a long time a dream beyond reach - dependent on the limited resources of rich patrons or unstable budgets of (welfare) states.

The Internet Of Things And Canadian Copyright Law - 0 views

    2 Oct 2014 - Canada - Intellectual Property - The Internet Of Things And Canadian Copyright Law - Bennett Jones LLP - Many of you have read about the dispute over copyright ownership of the monkey-selfie, where a primate took a digital photo that went viral.

"Monkey, Ghost, and God 'cant own copyright' says US" - 9 views

I would agree that in this situation, the photographer should own the copyright on the monkey selfie. I think that while its really neat and cool that monkeys can take selfies and elephants can pai...

privacy mooc open knowledge module4 copyright open access


Access to knowledge in Africa: The role of copyright - 2 views

    Research by the African Copyright and Access to Knowledge (ACA2K) project thoroughly covers the issues related to copyright and access to learning resources in higher education in 8 African countries, namely Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda. For each country, the authors give the background setting, an analysis and critical evaluation of the legal doctrine and inter-relationships, a qualitative assessment and then draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvements to be undertaken to improve the status quo of these challenges. It's acknowledged that much more research is still needed. This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.
Raúl Marcó del Pont

Derecho de Autor | CERLALC - 1 views

    Información en español sobre derechos de autor y su majo en América Latina. La información es producida por el Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina y el Caribe (CERLALC), un organismo intergubernamental, bajo los auspicios de la UNESCO, que trabaja en la creación de condiciones para el desarrollo de sociedades lectoras.
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